Tuesday, December 21, 2010

South Korea risky move is emboldened by its protector, the US

By China Watcher

When South Korea’s President remarked that it is the right of his country to conduct the live fire drill and no country can interfere with this, we believe these words are encouraged and emboldened by its main protector, the US. This comes about after Russia and China have urged the South Koreans to cancel the drill over their concerns of provoking a dangerous response from the unpredictable Koreans in the North. The live fire drill is viewed more as a psychological warfare, to boost the South Koreans morale after two shocking incidents over the past few months supposedly started by the Northern socialist state.

If there is no US, South Korea will not even exist today and that’s very true. When the Korean President speaks with the added courage, it is because of the strong backing from the US who is deemed by most people as the self appointed “policeman” of the world.

But to conduct such live military drill in the wake of heightened tension on the Korean Peninsular, it is not a wise decision. And if there is an outbreak of war, as a result of such a move, we can without doubt put the blame on the South Koreans and its US protector, the US.

Sometimes, to resolve an old outstanding issue, it is best to let the 2 separated Koreans fight and the winner takes over everything just like the war in Vietnam….and of course without the Chinese and Americans interference. But the Western world will not let this happen…fearful of a crumbling liberal supported Western society.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sino-Indian ties can only be stable and good and no more than that

By China Watcher

I woke up to the news on the visit by China’s PM Wen to India and I got the feeling that it is largely a diplomatic exercise for the promotion of trade ties between the two emerging nations. Trade deficit favoring China can easily be offset by larger imports of one’s goods and services in subsequent years but there are glaring contentious issues which remained notable “hurdles” for growing strategic ties.

1. India continuous act in allowing the dissidents and trouble makers from the Chinese autonomous region of Tibet to establish a base in Northern India remains a sticky sore thumb in an otherwise cool relationship.

2. The border disputes over areas in Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh in the Northern States will also be an issue which I foresee cannot be resolved overnight and may extend to the next generations of Indians or Chinese or some unexpected twist like a Third World War where boundary lines are redrawn.

The competing of resources worldwide is normal for any potential economic force and this can be genuinely avoided if communication barriers are brought down and informal links are promoted widely which I can see that both the PMs are mature enough to find the means to work together. The important thing here is to ensure that the Western world do not take this opportunity to delay the growth of this two countries. The main rivalry I see here is that with the growth of emerging nations, it will deprive these Western nations from holding on to their current dominant positions which are still being actively promoted by their influential media with a hidden agenda to drive a wedge between the two countries.

I think that it is the right of every country including China to develop close and brotherly ties with each other and that includes countries surrounding India like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. And it also India’s right to develop close ties with South Korea and Japan in East Asia which I believe the Chinese do not mind at all. The Western media used this to highlight that is an issue and I personally do not think so.

Sino-India ties will not develop into a more trustworthy relationship similar to the present state of Sino-Pakistan relations but it also not that bad as portray by the West. India is just trying to stand on its own and I do not think the West would easily win the country’s leaders over to stand on its side should there be an outbreak of hostility between the West and China.

Let me remind the West that India is an Asian country and its cultures and customs are quite different from the West.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who attended the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

By China Watcher

Following the Nobel Piss Prize, I have done a bit of research of all the emissaries and Consulates in Norway and provided below is a listing. I am not too sure whether some of these countries at Consulate level were invited or attended. However, there are comments I have made by the side of each country names:

British – foregone conclusion
Chile – surprise here which China must take note
Belize – small nation, unimportant
Canada – foregone conclusion
Guinea-Bissau – small country
Hondura – West Indies no ties with China
Netherland – foregone conclusion
Uruguay – surprise here and lately trying to do some business with China, China to note
Austria – foregone conclusion
Belgium – foregone conclusion
Bosnia-Herzegovina - Europe
Brazil – the new President is afterall not so “friendly” with China
Costa Rica – surprise after switching ties from Taiwan to China, China to note
Croatia - Europe
Czech Republic - Europe
Finland – foregone conclusion
Germany - Europe
Greece – Surprise here after China has sincerely offers aids packages to them, China take note
Guatemala – no ties with China
Hungary - Europe
Iceland – Europe, bankrupt nation
India – More rivalry than anything else, China to note
Indonesia – More pro-US, China to note
Ireland - Europe
Italy - Europe
Lithuania – Former Soviet..now swing to the Western world.
Palestine – need US support more
Poland – foregone conclusion
Portugal – Europe, just business ties, China to note
Romania – Surprise here, Romania has been very supportive of China
Serbia – Makes a U turn after pressure from European members – at least courage to make initial decision.
Slovakia - Europe
Spain – foregone conclusion
Sweden – foregone conclusion
Switzerland – foregone conclusion
Thailand – pro-US PM and China should take note
Bulgaria – Europe
South Korea – Puppet of US
Latvia - Europe
South Africa – Surprise perhaps, strong pressure from US
Turkey – foregone conclusion since the Uighurs grievances and trying to fit into Europe
Ukraine – Europe, but surprise here as this nation has a closer link with China
Japan – US puppet
France – foregone conclusion
Singapore – don’t know whether this country attend but has been pro-US
Ethiopia – poor country
Jamaica – West Indies, more due to US influence
Luxembourg - Europe
Malaysia – do not know whether this country attend but is relatively quiet
Mauritius – surprise..trying to promote tourists from China
Namibia – business ties up but policies still very pro-Westerm
Nepal – don’t know whether this country attend..but has been supportive of China
Nicaragua – no political ties
Madagascar – big country and very little business tie up with China
Australia – foregone conclusion
US – the biggest hypocrite
The Seychelles – small island nation very pro-Western from French colony days

If you review the list, most of these countries are from Caucasian based European nations and nations that do not have diplomatic links with China. Outside this Group, I can deduce that they are merely “US puppets” or because of their close dependencies to the Western world. If you are thinking that most of these countries which have attended the Ceremony are supportive of the Western cause, YOU ARE WRONG and probably misled by the Western media.

China is not wrong to say in claiming that it has the support of more than 100 countries throughout the world because there are close to 200 nations on the UN sovereign nations list. There are only 58 embassies/representatives offices in Norway.

For all the right thinking Chinese and pro-China supporters, the non-verified completed listing above is for you to make reference when doing business or Chinese politicians who are planning to cooperate with these countries.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The 'clowns' have celebrated its fanfare..now what

By China Watcher

Yesterday, the Western world has celebrated its cherished idealistic world complete with human rights dignity as they called themselves ...so now what.

The criminal is still imprisoned for 11 years..if not more. It is not for the West to decide but for the course of Chinese laws and if the convicted person is on good behavior, the Courts may allowed the person to be pardoned and not from PRESSURE from the WEST especially from the US and EU.

The Nobel Peace is now over and the Chinese now should note who are their true and sincere friends throughout the World. The Indians have make qualification that it is attending not to go against China but the Committee and Norway especially is challenging Chinese authority to run its own country. I am just wondering why those foreign exiles and dissidents cannot keep quiet since there are supposed to lived in a FREE Western World. That is because most of them are under Western salary payroll to cause trouble towards Chinese continuous political and economic development along its own pace with its own governance model.

The Western world will continue to challenge the Chinese government right to rule its own country and as such, they must plot its own path and strategy to ward off such pressure. Perhaps, it must continue to strengthen its relationship with those friendly countries and develop a strong grouping like the Third World during the Cold War.

I dare the West and the Nobel Committee to publish a list of those countries which have attended the ceremony as I could not find any on the Net other than the list of those countries which did not attend. Maybe, Chinese media can publish a list for all the pro-Chinese government supporters who is doing business in such "double-faced" countries.

The countries that did not attend should be commended and China should send its representatives personally to thank them and reward them with preferential trading and investment status.

I reiterate once again for China to sever all ties with Norway.

Friday, December 10, 2010


By China Watcher

I need to comment on this topic although it is not related to China.

It is good that the FIFA President had made a comment on the critics especially those coming from former colonist, UK on the selection of Russia as the host for FIFA World Cup in 2018. He viewed such criticisms as negative and more like the noises from a BAD LOSER. The main cause of the failure of the UK bid is due to the British media which is making inaccurate supportive insinuations and at present, it is still not willing to shoulder the blame but trying to point the finger at the selection process and the corruption within FIFA.

What a bad loser..which I had to agree in totality.

When China lost out the Olympic host bidding process to Sydney in 2000, it did not blame everyone but to build up a more sturdy and reliable presentation to bid for the 2008 Olympics of which it had won and successfully hosted.

Who is more civilized here - the Western world or China?

The Nobel Peace Prize is essentially a tool of the Western world

By China Watcher

A Norwegian critic commented recently that the past few Nobel Peace Prize winners indicate that the Norwegian Nobel Committee lacked sound analysis and even disregarded facts. The foundation of the Nobel Peace Prize conferments in recent years was weak, including the latest one to a convicted Chinese criminal named Liu Xiaobo.

The admired critic mentioned that the Nobel Committee's selection approach is problematic in itself and that it does consider the overall global picture but squarely based on its own emotions and carving to the present power based authority and the human rights activists which is centered in the Western world. One good example is the award to Bangladeshi banker Muhammad Yunus in 2006.

From U.S. President Barack Obama in 2009 to Liu Xiaobo in 2010, the selections showed evidently that the Nobel Committee served as conduit for support given to Western leaders on the one hand and as a backer of opposition forces in Eastern countries on the other. While the committee had many reasons to sing paeans to the United States and find fault with China, it suffered a fatal failure: its background checks focused merely on the nominees and how well it can promote its own agenda to propagate Western values which the decision makers deemed as universal values.

Why were Nobel concerts anchored by Hollywood stars from the United States instead of Bollywood stars from India? Did Western countries still think the center of the world was somewhere in the Atlantic? India which has send a representative to the Ceremony will need to re-consider because there will be day when a Kashmir activist or dissident who will be awarded the Prize.

The current Nobel Committee Chairman Thorbjoern Jagland intended to take part in some significant events to change the direction of the global development, but he often tripped over his own path as he is challenging the international norm and acting with the West to challenge a potential superpower. There is no strong rationale to award to the present US President last year. What has he done for World Peace? Isn’t the prize reserve for prominent personalities like Chou En Lai, a former premier of China, who has contributed to so much to his country’s peaceful integration with the world community and the Third World or to Mr. Gandhi to his non violence protests in India against former colonist, Britain?

The decision to award the prize to a dissident was unwise because it is enforcing support for Chinese nationals throughout the world as it is viewed as a Western political tool to force Western values on 1.3 billion residents of the World. It further exposed the Western countries agenda together with its massive media to try to influence and lecture others who do not subscribe to such values.

Anyone who wanted to shape history must carefully and comprehensively discern the global situation and accept the fact that the world would need to embrace fundamental changes and there is a different political model other than Western democracies.

The five members of the Nobel Committee were retired politicians at senior ages and lacked professional knowledge on the world situation would inevitably erode the meaning and glory of the Nobel Peace Prize. Should the committee continue making decisions against the tenet of the Nobel Peace Prize its reputation of the award among the Third World especially would fall further and rated as a “Western junk”.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nobel Peace Prize Post-Mortem

By China Watcher

Based on the latest statistics:

The countries which have declined the Norwegian government invitations and are considered “good and trusted’ friends of China and its people are:

1. Russia
2. Kazakhstan
3. Colombia
4. Tunisia
5. Saudi Arabia
6. Pakistan
7. Serbia
8. Iraq
9. Iran
10. Vietnam
11. Afghanistan
12. Venezuela
13. Philippines
14. Egypt
15. Sudan
16. Ukraine
17. Cuba
18. Morocco
19. Algeria (no response)
20. Sri Lanka

I am a bit surprise at the rejection coming from two so-called US new found “friendly” countries. First, Vietnam which the US has openly made claims through its media that they are entering a new military partnership phase with the Socialist State to ward off Chinese influence in South East Asia. Secondly, the Philippines which also said that they would like US presence in the South China Sea to deter any Chinese perceived aggression in Asia. Anyway, it is good to know that there are 20 trusted “friends” which the Chinese can develop very strong “preferential” relationship with financial assistance for the growth of these countries. 20 out of 66 countries is quite noticeable and very encouraging and as usual, I do not understand what the Norwegian “enemies” were saying and the Western promoted activists were proud of.

On the other hand, we notice some so called “double” faced countries like South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, India, Brazil and South Africa. There is no surprise for countries like South Korea and Japan which I have long ago written off as US or Western puppets. The other 4 countries are more of a surprise and the Chinese government should take note that these are the very nations that will let you down when you need the support.

Let us bring the fight against Western dominance and its political instrument like the Nobel Prize.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A big snub to the Western World

By China Watcher

This topic is not related to China but I have the pleasure to write something on it nonetheless.

At the recent World Cup bidding to host the 2018 and 2022, Russia and Qatar have successful won the rights to host one of the most prestigious tournaments on Earth.

Of course, there were sour grapes coming from the supporters especially from Caucasian based countries like England, the US and Australia. Some comments from the racist Australia is that how could Qatar won the bid and the tiny country with such a small population with an unsuitable climate. He went on further to say that it is joke to award the host to such country. If this is not racist and ringed of so much on Caucasian based authority, I do not know what to say.

The Western media as usual could not believe that its many articles singing praises for the favorites have so few influence among the Third World delegates.

I was so happy to note that the white country of England was brought down to earth thinking that by sending three famous celebrities they could win the host job but unfortunately, there could only win 2 votes. The US even has a recorded speech of their talkative President but it does not help.

It was certainly a good day for me after also seeing the US puppet countries of South Korea and Japan were also eliminated in each rounds.

Congratulations to Russia and Qatar.

China should sever its relations with Norway

By China Watcher

China as a big nation should just cut off ties with Norway immediately over its recent comments that China has itself to be blame for the deterioration of relations between the 2 nations. The arrogant Viking country is not remorseful and even openly declared its support of the Nobel Peace Prize.Initially the country claimed that it has no say in the award of the Prize. A whole lot of nonsense and this country is merely a puppet of the big brother, the US.

China should strongly considered to bring the relations to a Consulate status and then if there is no improvement to cut off links immediately. The Chinese people throughout the world must take note of this development.

This should send a strong message to the Western world.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Without China assistance the North Korea issue will not go away

By China Watcher

Western media has again painted a picture that the West together with its East Asia’s Marshals, Japan and South Korea (still tied to a dog noose after the Korean War because without US there is no South Korea) will be able to resolve the North Korean problems without China. The media were freely and unceasingly using words like “Reject China” and “Snub China”.

Honestly, what can these countries do to solve the broader problems involving a stubborn North Korea with an uncompromising posture? Talking tough is one thing but having to put the action into practice is another matter altogether. There is without doubt close coordination between the United States, Republic of Korea and Japan due to its intricate war linkages and hence, we are already aware of, so why is there a need to continue to highlight it. The media tried very hard to emphasize this close relationship with an agenda to show to the world that it would imply in simple meaning “we will endure the difficult situation and we rise or fall together if need be” as we have a “brotherly” relation. I am sure China is well aware of it and there are strategies to counter this type of joint force like what Russia is now doing to counter NATO expansion.

If these countries are not interested in talks, then the only way out is a full scale WAR. The large scale military manoeuvres are sure signs that the US and its “Sheriffs” are moving towards this solution. And I am sure the US is leading the two smaller protectorates into believing that it is the only alternative to remove North Korea from the big “picture”. If there is a full scale war, then the useless US President Barack Obama and his fellow Congressmen have to answer for any repercussions in the near future.

Some Congressmen have even go one step further to demand outright economic sanctions on China for not succumbing to the request of the US to pressure North Korea and also, for the perceived assistance provided towards Iranian nuclear program. I would love to see how the US is going to carry out this threat or threats.

My personal opinion is that for a peaceful resolution of the current destabilizing situation, the only way forward is through talks unless if WAR is the only way forward as promoted by the US. Without China, I do not think the problem can be resolved whatever angles the Western media would like to portray they are coming from.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony is a way to show the Chinese people who their true friends are

By China Watcher

The Nobel Committee by awarding the Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo has won the trust of the Western people but losing the trust of 1.3 billion Chinese people. They support a “criminal” while creating 1.3 billion “dissidents” that are dissatisfied with the Nobel Committee, which is definitely a bad decision.

From the latest statistics, the following countries are understandably good friends of the Chinese people:
Russia, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Morocco and Iraq who have declined invitations to attend the peace prize ceremony.

China should send commendation letters and further strengthen and deepen brotherly relations with these countries.

And without forgetting the strong allies of China – Pakistan, North Korea and Myammar.

There are a large number of countries who are sitting on the fence and deciding whether to attend the ceremony like the countries in ASEAN and Latin American countries.

As usual, the “enemies’ of China and its people will be the US and most of the Western countries including Japan. China should devise strategies to move away from depending on these countries. Japan as usual has no guts but had to rely on its protector, the US.

I have read a proposal from China that this is a good opportunity and China’s civil society to consider setting up a “Confucius Peace Prize,” launching the evaluation and selection and finding the real Peace Prize winners from all over the world.

I believe this is the best opportunity for the Chinese people to declare China’s view in peace and human rights to the world free of Western influence.

Through such evaluation and selection, people around the world can have the most direct, sensible and comparative opportunity to observe, analyze and understand the Eastern and Western values.

Let see how Norway is able to rise up to the challenge.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Japanese finally come face to face with its past territorial aggression

By China Watcher

There was an article in a Korean daily which I would like to share with the readers. Mind you, this is not a propaganda article from China but from another Asian country. This is not the typical or stereo-type of reporting from the West like the US said this and Japan warned this and so forth. We’ll see now how the US, the Japan protector, can come to its assistance.

Japan refers to the four islands of the southern Kuril archipelago as the "Northern Territories." The Japanese government designated Feb. 7 as "Northern Territories Day" to mark its claimed ownership of the islands. This is different from "Takeshima Day," which was designated by only one Japanese province to mark Japan's claim to Korea's Dokdo islets.

But the four southernmost Kuril Islands are under Russian control, unlike the Senkaku Islands, which are under Japanese jurisdiction and which China calls Diaoyutai. Japan has taken a noisy approach in its dispute over the Kuril Islands and a silent approach in dealing with the Senkaku Islands.

Tokyo's strategy has been to present areas under foreign control as being disputed and areas under its control unquestionably so. In dealing with Dokdo, it has taken the clever approach of annoying Korea so that it protests loudly against Tokyo's claim. The approach did not stem from a belief that Dokdo and Kuril Islands are different. It merely places lower priority on Dokdo because of Korea's strong alliance with the U.S, which also plays a key role in Japan's national security.

Tokyo applies one principle to all of these territories -- that there are no historical problems that could undermine its territorial claims. In other words, it claims it never controlled those territories against the will of other countries during the colonial period. But China and Russia see the territorial disputes as historical issues. China says Japan occupied the Senkaku Islands in the late 19th century when China was in turmoil, while Russia believes it merely won back the four islands in its World War II victory.

Dokdo cannot be seen from the same perspective, but the common factor is Japan's persistent denials of history. It writes off anti-Japanese protests in China as internal disputes stemming from a widening income gap, high unemployment among the young and political chaos, almost as if it is chiding China for being politically underdeveloped. There is no soul-searching whatsoever among Japanese officials asking themselves why there is anti-Japanese sentiment among the Chinese.

The same goes for Korea. When anti-Japanese sentiment flared in Korea after Tokyo identified Dokdo as part of its own territory in school texts in 2008, Japanese officials and experts wrote it off as a ploy by the Korean government to unite a public divided over beef imports. And when the global financial crisis erupted, a Japanese newspaper even featured a column saying Korea will most likely end up begging Japan for money.

On Monday, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited the Kuril Islands, rubbing salt on a highly sensitive spot for Japan as its territorial dispute with China rages on over the Senkaku Islands. Now it is Japan that is accusing its regional neighbors of reigniting imperialism. It says China and Russia, which have grown economically powerful, are flexing their muscle. But if China and Russia are guilty of imperialism, Japan is equally guilty of denying its imperialist past. This is clearly demonstrated in the anti-Japanese sentiments flaring up among the Chinese and Russian public, which are fueling China and Russia's territorial challenges against Japan.

China and Russia are no longer former communist countries lagging behind in economic power. The more Japan denies its history, the greater the challenge it will face, and this will hurt stability in Northeast Asia. Japan has finally met its match.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

China may need to plot a long term strategy to live without Japan

By China Watcher

The diplomatic skill of the Japanese in handling its relationship with China is deplorable. Perhaps, the hard line stance and the recent comments on the disputed isles were strengthened by the military and moral support given by its main protector, the US.

The US, a country which dwells on its technological superiority and military might played the game of a two-timer – on one hand to be a strong protector of Japan and on the other hand to try to come in as a mediator to the current flare between the second and third largest economies. So can you really trust the US? The answer is obvious.

Rare earth is a commodity which we know is depleting in its supplies throughout the world and it is China right to limit the volume of export to manage and to preserve the commodity for future generation. Furthermore, the extraction of the minerals is known to pose a major health risk due to the polluting effect of the industry. China is indirectly telling the users that it is the right time for these users to search for the minerals elsewhere and China is not interested to be a 97% world producer of such commodity at the lowest price indefinitely. The cheap price of its own commodities can best be used in its own industries where the consumption is already assured. But Japan and other Western nations continue to make a hue and cry over the issue, perhaps, to portray to the world that China is an unethical producer and neighbor.

Japan will not relent on the few islets which remain an important part of Japanese mission to stretch its sovereignty claim that would include even Taiwan and certain parts of Philippines under the 200 km exclusive economic zone from the nearest islets or atolls.

China must clearly re-look at a strategy to be less dependent on Japan and if possible, to plot the country mission to grow and develop further without Japan.

China, being a self sufficient country with a huge productive population, can survive without Japan but I am very doubtful Japan can survive without China, given that the US, a strong provider to the island nation 30 years of prosperity, is at the pinnacle of its economic and military level and is now on a declining slope. But the Western media and many experts from the West still do not accept this fact willingly but to try to hide the outright shame of losing the status to an Asian country that do not practice Western liberal democracies. That is the main reason why these Westerners and power makers from the West (with a clear hidden agenda) have been promoting India, not because of its potential as a future economic power but because it is a democracy. India has many fallacies and I don’t think it would even match up to China in the next 30 years. I have more faith in Brazil than India when it comes to making a prediction even though I am the same person who believes that Asia should be main impetus of growth in the next 50 years.

China is aware that the US still plays an important part as the main provider of economic activities but over the past few years, we have also seen China role in enlarging its trade with other emerging countries other than the US. As for Japan, I can only view Japan as an investor and possibly as a miser in providing technology.

Presently, China view India as a more important economic partner than Japan and as such the redeployment of a strategy to move out of the Japanese economic sphere would not be very difficult although I have to admit a large measure of sacrifice had to be made by all Chinese people throughout the world in the short to medium term.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What new pressure is the West talking about over the Nobel Prize

By China Watcher

It really amazes me how the Western media continue to twist the issue to its own advantage by claiming that there is new pressure over the Nobel laureate.

Taking comments from the Japanese Prime Minister, the US and possibly the voice from EU in Brussels and another comment from Norway over the cancellation of meetings with two small time diplomats, the media tried desperately to portray and exaggerate the situation as though the pressure on China is so great that China will need to change. A clear case of trying to mislead the reader to think that this is what is happening.

First and foremost, the criticisms are mainly from WESTERN NATIONS (make up of not more than 30 nations) and also, from a US “protectorate” JAPAN. They do not represent the WORLD. So where is the PRESSURE!

Secondly, a lot of Third World countries (160 independent nations) have not made any comments on the awards. Silent meant that they do not agree with the West. One possibly reason is that its own dissidents would someday be given the JUNK AWARD if they do not toe the Western way of livings or standards like what happened in Cuba and Venezuela.

I like to state here, that the JUNK AWARD has no impact on China. China should continue to ignore what the Norwegian government has commented or will said in the near future as it will have no bearing on its relationship with the rest of the world.

Let the Norwegian government think about the repercussions of its wrongful decision. The Sino- Norwegian ties is just not worth the trouble.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who says Norway is not involved in the Nobel Peace Prize

By China Watcher

Norwegian Minister claimed that the Norway Government has no role in the prize winners' selection is not true. The Norwegian Parliament is the body which appointed the members on the Committee that decided on the Nobel Peace Prize just like the Corporate Board which appointed its members to a decision making Committee who then will vote for a particular venture or business proposals. The Norwegian Parliament consists of elected representatives of the present ruling Norwegian Administration and I am sure that the Cabinet will have an influence in the appointment of “friendly” members. But the government choose to “wash its hands” by making untruthful claims that they are not the people in the selection of the peace prize. Furthermore, the government has been pre-warned not to support such a move but continue to make press statement supporting the choice of the Nobel Peace Award for this year.

The Nobel Prize is a western tool and it does not represent the wishes of the people who crafted it. Last year winner, the selection of the current US President was really a bad choice as I am still wondering and continue to wonder how did Obama contributed to Peace when he could not even resolve the Middle East Crisis and the North Korean nuclear issue.

China shall continue to retaliate against the Norwegian government and to send a clear message to the world that they should not interfere in the governance of China and its people.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What Nobel Prize? A piece of Western Junk!

By China Watcher

If you witnessed every year on the award of Nobel Prizes for Sciences like Chemistry and Physics, the winners are mostly people of Caucasian background with perhaps, one or two Japanese who are known to be very gullible for things that are Western. Does this really mean that the people of other backgrounds other than the Caucasian people are not intelligent or creative enough to win such awards? Why? If you can do just a bit of research and find out who are behind these awards you will have the right answers. Yes, the Committees (decision makers) of these awards are made of persons appointed by the Swedish government and sponsored by the US and big Western companies. Don’t ask me the reason but somehow the world press (mostly Western media) has given so much authority to Sweden, a small European nation, who is very proud of themselves as intelligent beings and civilized people of this earth.

And the Nobel Prize is administered by the Norwegian parliament, another small Viking nation whose elected representatives consist of only 5 million inhabitants. The reason why this award is given so much recognition is also due to the flow of information controlled by the mostly Western media. As people of the Third World and the developing nations, representing 2/3 of the population of the world, the question I would like to pose is why should we be easily influenced by these awards which is to spread Western influence and its’ so called universal values into our civilized societies. (“WHY” here means Third World and Emerging Nations).

The award of the Peace Prize to Third World countries dissidents is not new and yesterday prize given to Liu Xiaobo is not a surprise. The West hope that by giving this award it will spur democratic changes in China and that the Western standard of human rights are adopted in the most populous nation. I have stated this many times – the change to the political structure in China is up to the Chinese people and that being an ancient country with a strong asian values and age-old tradition, it will take a while. It is not up to a few sparkling individuals promoted by the West to champion the downfall of the one party rule. The Chinese people in groups will have the final say and it is also up to the Chinese people to develop its own brand of democracy which may not be similar to the West.

The award of such prize will normally have no impact on the country concerned of which it is directed and if you run through the list of dissidents awarded, did you see any change to the ruling government. A big NO. The award perhaps will do its part to excite the human right activists and lovers.

Following the award, some of world WESTERN political leaders call for the release of the imprisoned dissident. Take note of the world – only WESTERN. And the interviews published by the Western media only focus on those few human right activists certified persona-non-grata by the Chinese government like Desmond Tutu, Dalai Lama and of course, the foolish Lech Walesa. Why only now? Shouldn’t this be a continuous call if they are serious about it? The hypocrisy demonstrated is really unbecoming.

Beijing have every right to make a very strong representation over the case. Liu Xiaobo is just a normal criminal based on Chinese laws and I call for China to downgrade its bilateral relations with Norway. This is one of the many acts of the West to demonize China and its people and people of Chinese origin throughout the world should take note of this.

If you are an Asian and you want to win the Nobel Prize, just become a famous dissident and you will be rewarded handsomely by the West. Winning the other Sciences prizes are difficult because you may need to turn yourselves into a Caucasian performing research in a Western university.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

China is not fearful of a “US protectorate” known as Japan

By China Watcher

Western media, as usual, played up a similar tune that Japan has the upper-hand and continue to emphasize that the Diaoyu islands are Japan’s territory which is not up for discussion following the Chinese fishing boat collision with Japanese patrol vessels in September near the islands in the East China Sea that are claimed by both countries as well as Taiwan.

Chinese media pointed out that the disputed islands are Chinese owned based on Chinese historical annals. Actually, both sides have reiterated their own stand but most Western or US media, with a hidden agenda, left out the Chinese version of this and highlighted the Japanese version which is only one part of the story. Some Asian countries media particularly the online Singaporean owned Channel News Asia, published the one sided story taken wholesale from Reuters or AFP.

I noticed over the past weeks since the arrest of the fishing boat captain after the incident, the news coming from the West put the blame squarely on China and its’ so called “authoritarian” rulers.

First, what has this current Chinese government, which is not elected by the people generally, has to do with the crisis. Even if the Chinese government is run by democratically elected individuals, the response towards the infringement of Chinese territory or sovereignty will still be the same, if not worse. There were actual Chinese government efforts to restrain the huge anti-Japanese protest in China over the incident. Taiwan, a renegade province of China, is a good example of a democratic entity where the people are also up in arms against the Japanese claim that the no man area is its own territories.

Secondly, the reaction of the Chinese, I would say is normal and the response is acceptable to the large number of people of Chinese origin throughout the world. Japan put the good bilateral ties with China at risk by gambling on the notion that maintaining a tough stance with the arrest of the “trespassers” will strengthen its opinion that these disputed islands belonged to them. Beijing suspended ministerial-level talks with Tokyo and postponed talks on jointly developing undersea gas fields were good calculated decision which are deemed more “mature” responses as compared to the Tokyo release of the fishing boat captain (as stated by the Western media).

Beijing demanded that Tokyo offer an apology is also a measured and well thought request because the captain and his crew were detained in an area where the sovereignty is questionable and hence, it is not wrong of the Chinese government to seek for one. The argument from the Japanese that the Chinese trawler tried to ramp the Japanese coast guards is also questionable since the collision of a small trawler with a strongly build steel hull would tantamount to be more like a “suicidal” effort.

The imposition of a de facto export ban on rare earth materials needed in Japan for advanced manufacturing during the spat has opened up debates in the Nippon country of seeking substitutes or alternatives. The exports of valuable resources from China to the world are many and it is not easy for a small nation like Japan which is deprived of natural resources to locate cheaper and reliable substitutes elsewhere. Let see how Japan in the next few months come up with such a strategy.
The hue and cry by the Japanese cabinet and the many hawkish politicians can be depicted as “smaller little brothers throwing tantrums at their bigger brother who refused to give it to their unreasonable request”.

The impromptu meeting in a hallway at a conference in Europe was the highest-level contact between the countries since a bitter territorial dispute. This is needed very much by the Japanese and I believe it is initiated by the Japanese delegation.

Japan still has territorial claim or disputes with Russia over the northern territories off Hokkaido since the Second World War. The Russian has stand firm on the matter and Japan is left pondering what to do next. Perhaps, the bigger protector of Japan the US has some ideas but so far, we have not seen any.

As China is getting stronger and confident by the day, it is important not to be afraid of Japan for the following reasons:

1. Japan is deemed a small nation with no resources. India, Brazil and even Russia will one day overtake the industrialized nation due to the vast potential in terms of size and resources.

2. China is no longer the “sick man of Asia” as proclaimed by imperial Japan in the 1930s and 40s. At present, China has already proven over and over again that this stigma is wrong by becoming the second largest economy and has also made significant advances in science and technology.

3. The US which is Japan’s known protector is already on top of the world for the past one century and I believe that there is only direction when you are at the peak, that is, to move down and we are seeing some signs that this is happening. The question is how many years more can US protect them.

4. Japan has certainly lost its Asian identity and it is becoming more Western which indirectly means that its own society that promotes family bonding, industriousness and the display of strong problem solving spirit would no longer be present.

5. Japan cannot even do anything over the Kurile Islands occupied by Russia since World War Two.

6. China has diversified its investment and its market to the EU countries, ASEAN, Africa and certain Latin American countries to be less reliant on Japan and the US.

7. Japan and the South Korea economies are now very dependent on the strength of the Chinese economy, and the well being of these two countries would suffer if they antagonize China.

8. Even it there is no investment from Japan, China will still be able to survive albeit at a slower growth rate. In fact, the Japanese are not known to be generous in the transfer of technologies as compared to the French and the Germans.

9. China has team up with Russia and made a common stand in dealing with Japan over the territorial matters.

10. In terms of international diplomacy, the Chinese are far ahead of the Japanese whose foreign policy had become very much US-centric.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

China winning ways shut up the French crowd

By China Watcher

At the recently concluded World Badminton Championship 2010 in Paris, France, China won all five titles a feat that they have achieved only once at the World Championships in 1987 in Beijing. The 5 titles are the Men and Women Singles, Men and Women Doubles and the Mixed Doubles.

China has already won 3 titles on that day given that the matches involved players among the Chinese. I watched the final 5 matches on Sunday and it is no surprise that the French crowd was cheering for the opponents. Why? If you remember, this is the city which has given the honorary citizenship to the hated dissident Tibetan independence leader, the Dalai Lama. By openly cheering against the Chinese players at every point within a game, it indicates that the French do not want a Chinese to win, a sign which is extended to the ordinary Chinese people.

A survey taken last year during the height of the Tibetan spiritual visit to France revealed that Parisians have a soft spot for the wily Tibetan leader. More than 50% of the Paris citizens do not like the Chinese. I think if a survey is conducted in China after the announcement of the results, it would also indicate a distinct dislike of the hypocritical French people.

Although the sport is not a top sport in the Western world as compared to other racquet games like Tennis, it is still one sport where the Asian people shall continue to assert its authority. Tennis popularity is where it is today because it is played by people in the West and at one time, completely dominated by the Caucasian.

China has proven to the other Asian communities that they can excel in sports which do not require strong physical attributes but with “skills and brains”.

It was certainly and eventful day. The winning of the 5 titles was good not only, to assert the Chinese near domination in the sports but also to silent and shut up the largely Parisians crowd.

Friday, July 16, 2010

China should not give much priority to its relations with Britain

By China Watcher

The recent trip by the British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, to China has damaged the already worsening relations with China. Instead of building political trusts and enhancing economic ties, he has completely shown discourteous acts by passing negative remarks on Tibet.

The issue of Tibet has been and always will be a prerogative of the Chinese and nothing to do with foreigners or let me put it specifically, Western government. Westerners in this context, I refer to comprising mainly the people and its government from the US, France, Germany and the UK at this particular juncture. Let me reiterate that these governments and its people are sympathizers of the Dalai Lama.

Britain has its own fair share of problem with the Northern Irish community who wants independence from UK but this was not given for the fact that it still wants to preserve a united Britain. There were still dissenting bombs exploding every year in Northern Ireland and there is nothing the UK government has done other than to delay the ultimate truth.

Mr. Hague raised his concerns on Tibetans while meeting with his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi. It is also likely that he picked up the same topic when holding strategic talks with Chinese State Councillor Dai Bingguo. Both Chinese officials sternly refuted the British stance on the Tibet issue. But the Western media mentioned that the Chinese officials took these criticisms in stride. Is that so? I personally do not think so, as the Chinese Foreign Ministry made it very clear and warned that the Tibet issue bears on China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and that it is China’s internal affairs.

As a government seeking stronger relations with Beijing, Britain should show real sincerity in respecting China's core interests. The situation of human rights in present-day Tibet is the best in history if compared to the situation when it is still a feudal country ruled by the monks. Britain, as a former colonizer in India, would clearly understand this particular predicament when it ruled India which is just next door to Tibet in the early 90s. With due respect, Britain should not give any stage to Tibetan separatists led by the Dalai Lama.

Judging from the unfriendly remarks passed by one of the highest British officials, I doubt whether there would be an improvement in ties between China and UK since the execution of a British subject by the Chinese authorities last year and the trading of words at the Copenhagen summit on global warming between the two nations.

China and its people can accept criticisms but it must be constructive and do not borders on Chinese sovereignty. The Western media also said that the Chinese government is the hated ruler and did not have the support of its own people. Let me say it one more time. Most Chinese nationals including overseas Chinese supported the inclusion of Tibet within China and that most Asian nations would agree that it is essentially a Chinese affair except perhaps, Japan who has a long history of rivalry with China.

The fallout of political issues will leave indelible marks on co-operation in other fields sooner or later and it will impact the current so-called partnership with Beijing on economic growth.

I would suggest that the Chinese enterprises and its hordes of companies to do less business with the British government.

The cultural values and customs between the East and the West are really wide. In Eastern society, we do not go to someone home to embarrass the host but to the Westerner this is acceptable. If I am the host, I would tell my guest to pack his bags and leave my home immediately.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

China economic crash is a “white man” dream

By China Watcher

Western mass media had been circulating news that a China economic crash is inevitable and perhaps, in the next two years. According to them, China’s property prices, bank lending rate and inflation rate are symptoms of an overheating economy waiting for disaster to happen.

In 1995, there was a group of anti-China so-called “economic experts” with credentials from Harvard and from another US most prestigious university concluded that there was so much development going on in Shanghai at that time with economic growth spiraling at 25% that it is almost impossible to maintain. The experts predicted the “Shanghai Malady” will bring a total collapse of the Chinese economy in 10 years time. I wonder whether such bold predictions was a “fair” comment given the many “western experts” who have a hidden agenda to see China going down and probably, eliminate the “yellow” threat to a civilization dominated by the “white man” which is more real and significant than Japan poses in the early 70s.

Well, it is 2010 and is already 15 years and I have yet to see a Chinese bubble exploding resulting in the demise of the Chinese economy. In fact, the Chinese people and its government have proven these bias soothsayers wrong and wrong over and over again. Looking deeply, it is these Western media who are at war with the Chinese government and its people.

And then, there is another group of Westerners who tried to pit the Chinese against the Indian. This group would love to see India overtaking China in every sphere of the economic activities. Why? Because India represents the largest DEMOCRACY and China is still COMMUNIST. Is it wrong of being a Socialist State? These communist haters are all over the place and they are represented by the “hawks” in the US Congress and the military and in various parliaments in Germany, Spain, Italy and United Kingdom.

As pointed out by one of the articles from iCapital, it is India economy most likely to follow the path of Greece rather than China. Why? The Indian economy has a high persistent level of budget deficit, external trade deficit, greater degree of social ills and also a high inflation rate. In contrast, the Chinese economy is far better managed. But the West has been relatively quiet on the Indian economic development but love to pick on China at every opportunity.

Maybe, the China bashers are also human rights “bed partners” because you cannot separate them. The China bashers are also lovers of the Dalai Lama and the dissidents in Xinjiang and continue to highlight whenever there is slightest sign of troubles inside the two Chinese provinces. The Western governments except Russia had been playing a “two-faced” political game with China - by supporting China’s sovereignty on the provinces but also, instigating the dissidents to overthrow its ruler. Of course, the hidden message is that they cannot see the rise of the “yellow community” outshining them at their own “civilized” game in political influence, economic assistance and cultural importance.

Unfortunately, to these Goldman Sachs or Bloomberg economists, the facts of the matter do not support a China crash if these world’s readers are smart enough to see through their devious attempts. I had to point this out to the many internet readers the “white-man” dream. I am not racist and I do have some very nice Caucasian friends. I am also not an extremist as the world is big enough for everyone. I just do not like one single race professing that they are much superior than others not in merely words but also in their actions. And not all Western cultures and practices are good for everyone. I still believe in the saying that, “there is no one solution that fits all.”

I will continue to challenge those China bashers (with a hidden agenda), though I am in the minority, and hopefully there will be lots of people who can rise up and tell these people to mind their own business and look at their own problems in its own backyard first (USA, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and France just to mention a few of those Western countries).

I personally do not see a China crash and in fact, I foresee a soft landing in the next one year.

Let us see who is right.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Western new agency tried to promote its version of popular figure

By China Watcher

I read this piece of news in a foreign press and I could not stop criticizing some Asian media especially those pro-US countries from publishing this piece of one-sided bias news. Instead of analyzing the article, it acted like a “parrot” and happily published the recycled news supporting those behind this scheme with a hidden agenda.

The newspaper claimed that Obama and the Dalai Lama as the WORLD’S most POPULAR LEADERS. First, when you proclaimed WORLD, it should cover at least a wide spectrum of readers or netizens but it is not. The survey only includes readers from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United States and these few Western agencies unashamedly said it is the WORLD. I almost laughed my heads off. I think we should send these people to learn GEOGRAPHY. Everyone knows that the WORLD is not made up of these few countries. It does not include populated nations like China, India, Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia or even Russia. Why? Because all these countries do not share the same favorable opinion of the US President or the EXILED religious and POLITICAL FIGURE who seems to enjoyed Western patronage for a reason – to provoke and antagonize the Chinese government.

Let us take a closer look at those countries on the list. The US and UK are both tied up through some past Anglo connection. France, Germany, Italy and Spain are all former colonizers who could not bear to sit idly and watched China, with its new brand of relationship, winning friends in Africa, Latin America and certain parts of Asia. Worse still, some of these countries in the poorer parts of the WORLD suffered under centuries of abuse from the above mentioned COLONIZERS. And going into the racist and religion elements, these listed countries are all Caucasian based with a strong Christianity background. I do not want to dwell into this but somehow it has to be highlighted for some readers who may not be able to decipher the clear common attributes.

Whether the US President obtained 77% or the sly and cunning Tibetan leader securing 75%, it will have no bearing if the international readers can read through the hidden motives of the survey.

I am not surprised that the Chinese President is one of the least popular in the survey, given the Western media continuous anti-bashing news on the Chinese leaders over the last decade. It is important that with the growth of China and its influence, world news reporting will be more diversified and not controlled only by Westerners. More so, reports should be balanced and not relying solely on AFP, Reuters, BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, just to name a few of them.

I would rate the Chinese President very high on my own list, for his ability to ensure 1.3 billion people basic needs are met and also, to maintain stability in the most populated country in the WORLD.

Is popular so important?

I never doubted Obama is the most powerful person in the world given the economic and military superiority of the US viz-a-viz the nearest country but after having evaluated his performance over the last two years, he, of course can speak quite well with his oratorical skills but that is all. There are nothing significant he has contributed to the WORLD – Middle East is still in turmoil, North Korea and Iran are still nuclear outcast, Iraq and Afghanistan are still not stable and the US troops still maintained a heavy presence in these two countries. You decide.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good Riddance! Google finally call it quit on April 1, 2010

By China Watcher

I have heard the good news from China State Information that Google will leave China on 1 April 2010, after issuing so many veil threats.

The arrogant US company plan to negotiate with a big nation like China is similar to its government thinking that it had the clout to pressure any damn body on earth, just like every US residents thinking they could do just to about anyone on this planet, just because they are living in a country “full of stripes”. I watched the movie. “Law abiding citizen” yesterday and I came across this arrogant judge who said that she can do almost everything because of her position. She was shot on the head after making the statement. This is exactly the same thinking carried by almost all US companies, particularly the human rights lover, Google.

A majority of netizens at a major Chinese daily seems to formulate the opinion that if Google wants to continue to do business in China, it should obey China's law.

Here are some of the comments:

1. Google thought it had the privilege to disobey the host country's law. All foreign companies doing business in a country have an unspoken duty to the host and its people, i.e. its code of conduct, responsibilities and compliance to procedures, rules and regulations, not least the laws of the country. China is not unreasonable to expect its laws to be followed to the letter. All other countries have regulatory procedures too. No matter who you are, how big you are, when you are in someone's house you respect his space and his rights. You seek permission and you just do not impose your views. That is manners.

2. In Italy, Google has also broken the law, and I know how disrespectful American companies and Americans themselves are. Something needs to be done to Google to make it adhere to countries' laws. Otherwise Google needs to be fined for its arrogance."

3. Each country has a different history and background. The laws and regulations in each country are different, especially for China, which has 1.3 billion in population. You shouldn't expect every country must be the same as USA. Any company that operates in the other countries must respect the law of those countries. If Google is not satisfied with China's rules, Google should leave China.

4. Google's business tactics, it's an all-out failure. Looks like Google's plan backfired. In trying to stir up Chinese netizens against their government, it has instead stirred up a lot more resentment against itself. Chinese people do care about freedom of expression, but not as much as they care about a perceived slight to their national sovereignty. A dose of American humility is long overdue. It comes down to one word: respect.

Yes, respect is the key word and sadly speaking, most US people especially the US Congressmen lacks this finesse and quality. The US strongly believe that its democratic values and its human right practices are a size that fit all for everyone on this earth and that if you are not, then you are not with them.

China is big enough to stand on its own two feet not like some Asian countries and it should not just blindly succumb to coercive pressure from a big bully like the US. Even a big country like the US can fall as demonstrated with the defeat of the mighty US military by the NAVIs in the movie, “AVATAR”.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

China firm in allowing Google to exit from its market

By China Watcher

I applaud the strong stand taken by the Chinese government in dealing with company that is conniving and sleeping with human rights activists in the name of business.

Here is the text from the Chinese media and obviously this type of news would not get published in the Western media.

It is up to Google to decide whether to withdraw from China or continue to stay, Li Yizhong, minister of industry and information technology, said Friday.
Li made the remarks in response to questions about Google's suspenseful "quiting China" claim at a press conference on the sidelines of the annual parliament session.
Google, the world's largest Internet search engine, said in January it was considering leaving China because of censoring requirements and alleged hacker attacks.
However, there had been no major actions or further comments from Google until its vice president Nicole Wong urged the U.S. Congress Wednesday in a hearing to put pressure on countries scrutinizing Internet contents, saying the company was firm in the decision to "stop censoring our search results for China" and that it was "prepared" to leave the country if that was the option.

"If Google decides to stay in China, we welcome and it will help boost the development of the country's Internet industry," Li said. "The company is welcome to expand its business and market share in the country."
"If it decides to quit, we will follow our procedures," he said, adding that Google's quit, if it does so, will have no major influence on China's Internet market, which will continue its fast expansion momentum.

The company, which entered China in 2007, now accounts for more than 30 percent of the country's search engine market, according to Li.

"I hope Google can abide by China's laws and regulations," he said. "It is irresponsible and unfriendly if Google insists in doing something that goes against China's laws and regulations, and it will have to bear the consequence for doing so."

The minister said China's Internet environment is open and administered in line with the country's laws. "Internet administration is not a special case in China as all countries regulate networks according to their own laws."

I believe the Chinese government is just being courteous and that they do not want to be seen as an aggressor which may prompt those human rights activists to lodge a report at the World Trade Organization for unfair trade practices or rules. If they leave on their own accord, it is their own will.

Bravo, China.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Google stop talking, Get out of China now

By China Watcher

If Google is sincere on its wishes to not allow the censoring of its filter results, then get of China and don’t talk so much. I think all Chinese people would be glad that they are really acting on their threat or threats. If they move out, we welcome it and it helps China to weed out those unscrupulous and insincere US corporate from the Chinese market.

I have always stated if the US companies refused to obey Chinese laws then moved out and stop trying to use excuses and delaying tactics to promote its stay in China. China does not welcome such companies. In fact, these companies need China more. If these companies want to succumb to the wish of its democratic activists then by all means “pack your bags” and get out of China. If I am given a say in the China’s Foreign Investment Committee, I would without hesitation issue a “deportation order” to Google telling them to ship out immediately for not subscribing to Chinese laws.

I am truly sad that a top Google executive of Chinese descent is willing to stoop so low to face a bunch of anti-China US lawmakers and informing them that the Internet giant is prepared to leave China if Beijing continues to censor its Web searches. China has already stated that it will NOT bend to the whims and fancies of a US corporate or to pacify them to stay. So why is Google still waiting. GET OUT NOW AND STOP MAKING NOISES. WE ARE FED UP!

Nicole Wong or whatever her name is should be labeled a “traitor” to the Chinese people by succumbing to Western ideologies and discarding her Chinese beliefs and cultural roots where throughout many age old governance practices that relied on the acceptance of changes but it must be gradual, controlled and within a code of laws to ensure that the nation is stable without affecting the livelihood of the 1.3 billion Chinese.

Google threatened in January to leave China over what it said were mid-December cyberattacks aimed at its source code and at the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists around the world. If they are so strong in its human rights BELIEF, then why do Google still continue to filter results on its Chinese search engine, Google.cn, and posted ads for dozens of positions in China, which has the world's largest number of online users at 384 million. They should be preparing to leave China.

With regards to the hundreds of employees that Google has hired, the Chinese authorities can easily request its local Internet companies like Baidu to absorb them. I was informed that there are already head hunters on the instructions of the local companies to tap those workers expected to be retrenched by Google.

If Google is not going to change its decision then why stay in China and issues more threats. It makes no sense.

A US Congresswoman correctly put it “we welcomed Google's commitment to stop censoring search results in China but, unfortunately Google has yet to follow through on and to stop self-censoring”. In other words, when do they execute its threat(s).

To make everyone happy, there is only one solution, PLEASE MOVE OUT NOW!

Friday, February 19, 2010

China must develop a clear effective punishment strategy to ward off continuous Western leaders meeting with the Dalai Lama

By China Watcher

Every time there is a meeting of foreign leaders with the Dalai Lama, the Chinese government representing the 1.3 billion Han Chinese would lodge “solemn representations” and diplomatic protest to the ambassador of that country. The Western governments are fully aware of such a reaction and were able to minimize the fallout in the bilateral ties by choosing to make it less official, thus rendering such move as ineffective.

A “low-key meeting” with the Dalai Lama is still a MEETING regardless of whether it less formal as the West chooses to describe it. The symbolic gesture of a handshake or “pat on the back” is what the Dalai Lama and its hordes of rebels in Northern India would call it as a political or moral support that they truly believe would keep whatever hopes alive (in the exiled political base and elsewhere) to seek secession from the Chinese motherland.

The exiled Tibetan spiritual leader is a wily fox. The Tibetan exiles in Daramsala are going all out to ensure that he gets all the respect from the West to attain its objectives of “full independence” from the Han Chinese.

The meeting by foreign leaders with the Dalai Lama is actually a “slap in the face” for all Chinese, both in China (1.3 billion) and overseas Chinese (100 million) throughout the world. A Tibetan commented that a Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to a Tibetan numbering only 6 million and there is no Nobel Prize for even a single Han Chinese numbering almost 1.5 billion! If this is not a slap on the face of the Han Chinese, I really do not know how to phrase it differently. Human rights activists of Chinese origins, I am asking you to wake up from your slumber and not become a tool of the Western governments.

If the Western governments recognizes that the “one-China” policy espoused by China and that Tibet and Taiwan is part of the People Republic (as always in its official joint statement), then how come they conveniently and ever willing to meet up with such outcast “figures” who are deemed not representative of the people. The meeting of such “Western glorified figures” will only promotes a harden stance from the exiles to accept a national reconciliation. What happens if Chinese leaders choose to meet up with the Governor of Hawaii and supported his move to secede from the United States of America?

The Dalai Lama says he is merely seeking greater autonomy but I have seen through his actions and the demands at the talks that he is asking for “almost full autonomy” – the independency to control foreign affairs and religious matters, which I do not think any central government would readily agree to. Just ask the Russian or Canadian governments whether they agree to allow the province of Chechen and Quebec such federal control actions?

If the Tibetans refuse to accept Chinese leadership, then a more radical approach is needed. The movement of Han Chinese to Tibet and Qinghai over the past decade would help to break up any tracts of Tibetan objection to integration. National integration of the 56 ethnic races in China should not be taken as an act to wipe out the cultures and traditions of the minorities. In fact, in festivities across China, all the 56 cultures and its associated traditions are promoted openly and accepted by the Han Chinese. I am fully supportive to preserve the 56 different cultures and dances of its people. The diversity of its cultures and traditions is what makes China an interesting place to explore and live in. Chinese civilization is 3000 years old and the Han Chinese can wait for another 500 years if need to promote national reconciliation and integration.

China reaction towards Western persistence to meet with unacceptable Chinese separatists and rebels must be effective. Chinese leverage against the West at this moment is quite limited as the economy is still largely dependent on the Western demand for its goods. Even Chinese’s holdings in US Treasury bonds are not that big to put the chill on the US economists. China did in fact reduce its holdings of US Treasuries to US$755.4 billion in November, seen by some analysts as a sign of protest at US policies but it is not an effective tool.

I have always emphasized that it is very critical for the Chinese to diversify its markets away from the West and to develop strategies to grow its own internal consumption. It should also explore military alliances with friendly countries and to continue to develop more sophisticated weapons, not to fight a war, but to increase its bargaining chip at the negotiation table in the near future.

The world should not be dominated by the West.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Microsoft is a true friend of the Chinese

By China Watcher

Bill Gates, one of the co-founders of the very well known Microsoft, was criticized by the Western media for playing down the issue of Google exit from China. The philanthropist was probably referred by most people as a world’s entrepreneur who represents aggressive US capitalism that is not so appealing. He was praised for his ingenious inventions and ideas but is criticized for not supporting the Western initiated fights to free up the Internet society in China.

So it remains very clear that Google fight (with the undivided US government support) with the Chinese authorities is not about illegal intrusion on its servers, but more so to do with the unfettered availability of news, information and material which runs counter to the values of the Chinese people.

Gates disapproved of his rival's decision and insisted that agreeing to Beijing's demands was just part of doing business in the country. In an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America programme, he said "You've got to decide: do you want to obey the laws of the countries you're in or not? If not, you may not end up doing business there”. He also brushed aside accusations that Microsoft has been complicit in helping filter the web by saying that it was not an issue because any censorship could be circumvented with technical knowledge. "Chinese efforts to censor the internet have been very limited," he said. "It's easy to go around it, so I think keeping the internet thriving there is very important."

Last week, Microsoft chief executive, Steve Ballmer, bombarded Google by suggesting that the company had over-reacted in China. He said that people are always trying to break into other people's data and that there's always somebody trying to break into Microsoft. Ballmer also likened Microsoft's complicity in actively filtering internet content to the oil industry's decision to import oil from Saudi Arabia, despite the censorship that takes place there. "If the Chinese government gives us proper legal notice, we'll take that piece of information out of the Bing search engine," adding that even countries with "extreme" free speech laws, such as the US, exercised some censorship.

The direct censorship of news relating to Falun Gong religious group, Tibetan independence campaigners and Xinjiang’s East Turkestan is important to safeguard China’s security and ensuring that China does not fall apart like the former Soviet Union.

BBC and the Guardian, have always complained that their websites have been blocked in China but as Gates said that there is always a way around it and Chinese surfers are an ingenious lot and I believe that whatever the Chinese wants to read, they would be able to do so…. only that the Western ways of doing things might not be so appealing to them.

Thank you Microsoft, you are a true friend of the Chinese people, both in China and abroad.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Singapore’s Straits Times playing up the importance of Western influence

By China Watcher

It is not surprising to me anymore that a small nation state or a tiny blot in South East Asia is willing to go all the way to shoulder the US imperialist activities in this part of the region.

In a recent article published in its government controlled Straits Times, the writer tried to play up the importance of Google in the world. To him, Google is as powerful as a sovereign state. Huh! Really! Google is just another US company subjected to US laws and it a tool for the US to use in promoting its Western based style of freedom, cultures and brand of human rights.

Google has been trying to paint a negative light of China that it does not follow universal humanity rules. Most of the Chinese I met believe that Google is only trying to use its pullout as a leverage to negotiate for better censorship terms with the Chinese authorities. In the past weeks, China has stated very CLEARLY that any company who wants to operate in CHINA must RESPECT CHINESE LAWS. If that is not clear to the Western media, I would like to stress it one more time. FOREIGN COMPANIES MUST RESPECT CHINESE RULES. So why make a fuss out of it. If you do not want to play on that same set of rule, just get out, please don’t cry like a spoiled brat like Google. This is what I truly believe and there is not even a small piece of sympathy inside me for Google.

If Google is a defender of freedom and openness, why does it take them 3 years to do so? Why do they want to get into China in the first place? And what about succumbing to other countries censorship laws in Vietnam and Saudi Arabia? Western media did not play up this censorship issues in these countries but tend to highlight this when it comes to China. It is China bashing at its best and Western media has organized a concerted attack using this highly exaggerated issue. Most overseas Chinese and even local mainland Chinese is aware of this devious plan. I do not think Google is a genuine crusader but the writer would like its readers to believe him.

I tend to agree with Martin Jacques (the author of When China Rules The World) opinion that even a big company like Google cannot take on the Chinese government or for that matter, the Chinese people throughout the world and hope to win. Google will exit from the Chinese market and that will have an impact to its long term global ambitions. I would add that if a company cannot conquer the Chinese 1.3 billion market then it is not a global company and I wish to see Google as just that.

The writer did not mention that Google has failed to dominate the Internet search engine market. Baidu, a home grown company, has taken up 65% of the market consisting of 380 million online surfers. Other competitors are waiting earnestly in the wings to assume the vacuum in the event of a Google exit. There is no loss for the Chinese users.

China has already built up quite a fair bit of followers and its supporters since the Olympic Games and being the 3rd largest economy (to overtake Japan as the second largest in the next 2 years), China will continue to draw more support. The writer’s claim that China is hungry for international respect and recognition is highly debatable. China has invited the world’s leaders for the Olympic Games and the soon to be organized, World Expos in Shanghai and if the invitees do not turn up, there is no loss to China. What matters most is the ability to maintain its composure, pride and dignity of the Chinese people. The world’s overseas Chinese (except maybe some Singaporean and Hong Kong Chinese) is strongly supporting the Chinese government in its tiff with Google (which represent a Caucasian face). The important thing is that the Chinese should not sell its self governing right especially when a US based company is being strongly backed by a known superpower.

The writer said that the Chinese should regard Google as a significant player on the world stage and that it has the power to hurt like a nation state might. What a load of rubbish! The writer is clearly playing up to the tune of the West and is sulking up to Western influence. I like to state that GOOGLE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HURT THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT, MORE SO THE CHINESE PEOPLE. The writer a Chinese descendent should be ashamed. He is selling his soul to the West for a piece of action or perhaps, under instructions from the Singapore government.

Singapore has always been pro-Western or more specifically pro-US and China should realize by now that its positive overtures to strengthen military ties with this small republic has been put on the shelf whereas the highly publicized military links with US and the Commonwealth nations will remain as the core defensive structure in this part of the world. On a comparison basis, China has already developed military ties with Thailand, Cambodia and Myammar. Indonesia and Malaysia have also positively responded to a military dialogue with China. Singapore is the only country in South East Asia that is pursuing a US centered military pact. It is only keen to advance trade and business ties with the growing superpower in Asia and nothing else. That I believe China should take note.

In the event of an outbreak of hostilities between the US and China, I do hope China would know who its strategic partners and genuine friends are while devising a military warfare to defend its people.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

China should tell Google to pack its bag and leave China immediately

By China Watcher

It is not a game of being nice. Before Google does any damage to the security and business interest of the Chinese, the Chinese government should just tell Google to leave China immediately.

Google is trying to use whatever publicity in collaboration with its hordes of Western media particularly US owned to paint China in the negative light but this is not working for them. In fact, a large percentage of the overseas Chinese I met recently expressed its undivided support to the Chinese government for making a stand that if you operate in China – RESPECT CHINESE LAW otherwise SHIPPED OUT and DO IT QUIETLY.

I would like to share a comment from an oversea Chinese who aptly summarizes what many Chinese throughout the world would have expressed:

“ I question Google's Drummond going to CNBC to publicize its threat to leave China. I happened to see the show on that night and I was not particularly pleased at the jibes and poison barbs thrown at the Chinese government without even them having an opportunity to reply. Google seemed to have misjudgedthe public's mood when it - a business entity - tried to make the Chinese look bad by slandering it on global television. That must be the height of arrogance and hypocrisy. The immediate similarity that comes to mind is Steven Spielberg's pullout from his commitment to his contract prior to the launching of the Beijing Olympic games. It was a downright utterly contemptible move .. stabbing your benefactor in the back! I bet he has not lived that down even today. All said, these two incidents bear the hall marks of the US President's campaign of its bad cops while the President tries to play good cop. The US and Britain are just most despicable in this matter .. seen from people from the East.”

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The US government is behind the devious Google’s planned exit from China

By China Watcher

Yesterday, the US government (inclusive of the hated and nosy Congressmen) has demonstrated its true colors by coming from behind to support the Google THREAT to pullout from China. The Obama Administration has requested an explanation of the hacking activities of Google’s servers whereby, in actuality, only the names of 2 human rights activist accounts were lost and not much confidential data were leaked.

I applaud Microsoft for its upright and just opinion by commenting that that it is all a business game and that Google is merely crying like a “spoilt child” over the inability to dominate the Chinese search engine market after more than 3 years. Microsoft added that hacking of information is a “common phenomena” and it is up to the Internet operator to upgrade its security fix or infrastructure to deter hackers.

A corporate pullout from a lucrative market is really nothing for China but one which is fully backed by its own government, maybe, that is something. Or so they think? But the Chinese has never succumbed to Threats and Pressure especially from the West, more so from the US government.

A few more comments from online parties on the subject:

1. Google by right should leave China for a long time and please let Microsoft takes over the business in China since the Chinese needs time for adjustments to polish its skills further before a genuine fight with Google. Microsoft will certainly help China in all aspects to polish its skills and by that time Google wouldn't have any place in China and the Chinese should be able to export its advanced search engines to other countries in direct competition with Google. With commitments, I believe Skill and Knowledge can be acquired with others to hold you at ransoms.

2. Yes Google should leave China now that the USA State Dept., has made a big deal about their intention. Read the Chinese responses to this issue. I say to those who make a big deal of this that China will be happier if Google leaves.

3. Well done China! Don't let yourselves be dictated to in your internal affairs by a mere multinational corporation from the imperialist west. Do what is right and best for the interests of your people and don't succumb to their bankrupt and discredited right-wing anarchist, Neo-Liberal ideology. After all, how much does Google contribute to China's economy compared to how much China's economy contributes to Google.

4. Every country has it's own rules and regulations. Even taxes are different! If Google intends to do business in China, they are atleast follow their rules and regulation. If Google intends to business but NOT following their rules and regulations, that's ILLEGAL.Crying over cyberattacks and censorship is lame. Google is a large multinational corporate which its business its Internet search engine and advertisement. Cyberattacks are expected. All Internet servers are all attacked every day, every hour. What do Google expect? Censorship is applied everywhere in the World! Some countries censor child porn, some censor religious taboos, others have their software piracy censorship. It's just China happened to be reinforced heavier censorship. It's not like something Google search engines cannot afford to do.

5. Just alone India and China make up 2/3rds of the world's population, and counting in the Soviet Union, all Muslim nations, Latin American-Brazilian region and African countries, that would make Google's relevance to the world merely that of a minority stakeholder. Google had better toe the line before these 4 major forces decide Google is just a proxy of the certain Caucasian factions and should be shut out of their business models.

Let Google leave and set stricter rules if they beg to come back later. Support other friendly non -US corporate and companies. The US cannot be trusted.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is it really a mixed type of view about Google exit from China?

By China Watcher

Most of the internet comments I read from Chinese citizens in China supported the Chinese government stand to impose restrictions on the Internet. But the Western media, as usual, published a few favorable comments supporting Google decision, in an attempt to sway public opinions. Washington Post went even further with its report that 80 million Chinese netizens would be angry from Google exit. Really? What they could do is to turn to Baidu, which is home-grown and liked by the majority of its 360 million netizens. This is the type of bias reporting which can irk your nerves.

Do you really think the West is so principled that their authorities do not retrieve information from its US-owned Internet and networking companies? I have come across articles revealing that the CIA and the FBI have illegally poke its “intelligence eyes” into Google private accounts in an effort to filter those with terrorist innuendos.

Provided below is a few interesting comments taken from an online news portal on the issue:

1. Google is OK with The US Government screening every single email that go through Google's server and listening to every phone call in US and else where, but he has problem with the Chinese looking into email of couple of their citizens. I guess the human-right champion operates on double standard.

2. Google is trying do another Steven Speilberg with misinformation and making the Chinese look bad. Google now has been roped in as part of the US and British campaign to villify the Chinese. They can't accept an independent China after that veto on sanctions against Iran. Only obedient boys like the Japanese under Koizumi and others before him, are considered good boys. Besides, Google is trying to divert public's attention from their major felony of digitizing of 80,000 Chinese books without permission from its authors. The US-Anglo governments are behind all these. No question about it.

3. Never heard of a bee who is finish with a flower, hahahha... The biggest flower of them all, too. Oh Please lah. China is OK without Google, but is Google OK without China?

4. The Chinese Government never pretend they are a nice guy. All the rules are already there well before Google was formed. So, Google went into China with its' eye wide open (Singapore famous leader quote). I am wondering why Google never inform people about they allow US Government to screen every single email that go through Google's server.

I am very happy that the Chinese government has not relented on Google’s threat. I also hope that they would place a moratorium of at least 3 years on Google if they intend to crawl back into the Chinese market.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Chinese should just allow Google to leave

By China Watcher

Google Inc has just made a threat to pullout from China after hackers have accessed human rights activists’ e-mail accounts. In fact, the illegal retrieval of information was not the main discontentment from Google. The actual reason is that Google do not want to subscribe to Chinese censorship rules.

Chinese rules are meant for an orderly and consistent operation of a search engine and it is crafted to be compliance with domestic laws. Chinese laws are very clear and everyone knows that the forbidden topics which undermine the country’s security like discussion on Tibetan independence and the promotion of the banned spiritual movement, Falun Gong are not allowed. But why is there such a need to hold such discussion on Chinese domain? Isn’t the topics widely discussed outside of China of which most Chinese including overseas Chinese do not give so much prominence on this other than the Western media.

If Google’s latest strategic business plan cannot accommodate the domestic laws of the operating country, I would suggest they go away quietly and not make a fuss out of it.

China has over 350 million Web surfers which is still growing exponentially while its annual search revenue topped USD1 billion in 2009 and is expected to hit USD1.5 billion in 2010. This is a very huge and lucrative market and if Google do not want to play the right rules, the Chinese government should just allow them to leave.

Baidu and Sina, two Chinese owned companies, will obligingly complied with the rules but US companies like Microsoft and Yahoo somehow are doing so reluctantly as they have to respond to its hordes of interfering human rights organizations in its so-called “freedom” nation.

The Chinese government intention to keep pornography out of the hands of China's Youth, is a good move supported by parents and is in line with Asian traditions and customs to promote a healthy and caring society. And the West should not question the motive behind this worthwhile initiative.

Google Inc.'s pullout from China will not disrupt the country's Internet economy and its 30% share would easily be filled and shared between the few likely competitors like Baidu Inc, Netease.com Inc, Sohu.com Inc, and Tencent Holdings Ltd.

The threat by Google to pullout is seen as a ploy by the US based company to use this extra bargaining position in reaching an amicable agreement with the Chinese authorities on how to do so within the bounds of Chinese law. Should the Chinese government be accommodating the threat, more so from a US corporate, which has a reputation of overcharging its customers for its online advertisements?

I would also suggest that all Chinese technology companies who had tied-up with Google to quickly dissociate itself from depending too much on the US corporate who had turned out to be a human rights lover. SINA, one of China's largest Internet portals, will need to locate more trustworthy partners when it decided to sever its ties with Google.

Telecom operator China Mobile Ltd. (CHL) should consider developing its own smartphone processing system than relying on its collaboration with Google on the Android platform.

If Google realized its withdrawal threat within the next few days or months, the Chinese authorities should also seriously consider imposing a moratorium on Google, let say, for 3 years before allowing them back into the Chinese market if it intends to crawl back in the near future.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Full democracy will come to Hong Kong but at China’s pace

By China Watcher

Western media like AFP, Reuters have been reporting every new year concerning marching protest in Hong Kong with headlines like “thousands demand full democracy” (more like only 5,000) and way back in 2003 was even more pronounced like “Half a million on the street”. The news became a bit far fetched when the actual number was only 150,000. So much exaggeration was present that even a commoner will be able to see through the hidden and bias agenda of the Western media in siding with the pro-democracy supporters.

Hong Kong has been ruled by the British for over 100 years but there was no clamoring for full democracy but once it reverted to Chinese rule in 1997, 13 years ago, it had become an annual affair seeking to pressure the Chinese government and the locally elected government or Legislative Council.

Even though half the Council is elected, the pro-democracy camp with the funding from mainly Western non governmental bodies are not satisfied until it achieved full democracy. It is amazing that some of the leaders who are behind the protest had actually fled to Canada, in the early 90s. Many of these PR residents of their adopted countries had started to move back to Hong Kong, knowing that the economic life is better than during the colonial times and that China has kept its promise to let Hong Kong remains self- governed, are the one asking for universal suffrage, and of course with the full backing of the Western “invisible forces”.

If you read the mainly Western news on the topic, the opinions from the Hong Kong people are one-sided, as the published ones are mainly from the pro-democracy camp. I couldn’t be bothered to read the prejudicial comments. A large majority of the people is silent on the issue and there were no comments coming from the pro-China camp who are more keen on economic issues and maintaining the competitive status of the self-autonomous island under the “one-country two systems”,

Democracy is promised in Hong Kong’s constitution, and the Chinese government had mentioned that in 2007 that the territory will only get to directly elect its leader in 2017 and its legislature until 2020. Anyway, 2017 is only 7 years from today.

What is the big fuss and isn’t the roadmap to full democracy clear enough?