Friday, August 14, 2015

Is Chinese women badminton players on the decline?

Over the past few months, if you are a follower of the badminton sports, you would have notice that the Chinese badminton women singles players who have dominated this arena for the past one decade are not so invincible. Their top seeded players are falling like bowling pins. Even the no 1 Chinese woman player, Li Xue Ri who can be relied on to score a win is not so dependable anymore.

There are only 2 reasons for this - either the standard play from the Chinese woman players have dropped or the rest of the near top woman players from other countries have upped their standard.
I would like to look at this from two aspects. If you studied the women badminton players you can notice the following:

1. Their style of play has remained the same with no variation in their attacks. These can be countered easily by badminton players from other countries. What is missing from these players are the will to fight and the consistency which is sadly missing. Why? Only the coach will be able to explain.
2. I have yet to find a player who can play intelligently as to vary the game strokes and to have that little extra attacking style like Lin Dan or Chong Wei  who can mesmerize the opponent in tight situation with that bit of overhead quick attack and wrong footing the opponent in their moves. Maybe the Chinese coach will need to built this attribute and then, China can have a winning and consistent candidate in this event.
3. Some Chinese younger players are not moving up quick enough to fill those who are unable to perform in the International scene. This is not good and in the next few years, you may not see any woman chinese players in the Top 10.

Generally that includes the men badminton, I have also observed that there are some players who are clearly passengers and are not interested in beating the top 3 players. Players like Wang ZeMing and Tian Houwei are so inconsitent that they can lose to an unknown in in their off form days. More off form days than good days. Wang can meet up with Chong Wei and you would certainly know the result - thrashing in straight sets. Does he has the mental ability and hidden plan to beat the former World No.1. If I am a badminton player and I continue to lose in every encounter (15times-lose all 15), I would certainly feel ashamed. Quit if you cannot make the grade. Either your coach did not teach you the extra bit or you are merely a passenger - who does not have that intelligence to built that extra quality.

The second reason is that there is a slight improvement in the woman players from other countries. Spain which is not known for badminton is producing a world no.1. She is either good or that the current crop of players are no where near the likes of Li Ling Wei and Han AiPing. More likely the woman standard has dropped.

Wake up China, you are not producing enough quality players given the huge populace.