Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who says Norway is not involved in the Nobel Peace Prize

By China Watcher

Norwegian Minister claimed that the Norway Government has no role in the prize winners' selection is not true. The Norwegian Parliament is the body which appointed the members on the Committee that decided on the Nobel Peace Prize just like the Corporate Board which appointed its members to a decision making Committee who then will vote for a particular venture or business proposals. The Norwegian Parliament consists of elected representatives of the present ruling Norwegian Administration and I am sure that the Cabinet will have an influence in the appointment of “friendly” members. But the government choose to “wash its hands” by making untruthful claims that they are not the people in the selection of the peace prize. Furthermore, the government has been pre-warned not to support such a move but continue to make press statement supporting the choice of the Nobel Peace Award for this year.

The Nobel Prize is a western tool and it does not represent the wishes of the people who crafted it. Last year winner, the selection of the current US President was really a bad choice as I am still wondering and continue to wonder how did Obama contributed to Peace when he could not even resolve the Middle East Crisis and the North Korean nuclear issue.

China shall continue to retaliate against the Norwegian government and to send a clear message to the world that they should not interfere in the governance of China and its people.

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