Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good Riddance! Google finally call it quit on April 1, 2010

By China Watcher

I have heard the good news from China State Information that Google will leave China on 1 April 2010, after issuing so many veil threats.

The arrogant US company plan to negotiate with a big nation like China is similar to its government thinking that it had the clout to pressure any damn body on earth, just like every US residents thinking they could do just to about anyone on this planet, just because they are living in a country “full of stripes”. I watched the movie. “Law abiding citizen” yesterday and I came across this arrogant judge who said that she can do almost everything because of her position. She was shot on the head after making the statement. This is exactly the same thinking carried by almost all US companies, particularly the human rights lover, Google.

A majority of netizens at a major Chinese daily seems to formulate the opinion that if Google wants to continue to do business in China, it should obey China's law.

Here are some of the comments:

1. Google thought it had the privilege to disobey the host country's law. All foreign companies doing business in a country have an unspoken duty to the host and its people, i.e. its code of conduct, responsibilities and compliance to procedures, rules and regulations, not least the laws of the country. China is not unreasonable to expect its laws to be followed to the letter. All other countries have regulatory procedures too. No matter who you are, how big you are, when you are in someone's house you respect his space and his rights. You seek permission and you just do not impose your views. That is manners.

2. In Italy, Google has also broken the law, and I know how disrespectful American companies and Americans themselves are. Something needs to be done to Google to make it adhere to countries' laws. Otherwise Google needs to be fined for its arrogance."

3. Each country has a different history and background. The laws and regulations in each country are different, especially for China, which has 1.3 billion in population. You shouldn't expect every country must be the same as USA. Any company that operates in the other countries must respect the law of those countries. If Google is not satisfied with China's rules, Google should leave China.

4. Google's business tactics, it's an all-out failure. Looks like Google's plan backfired. In trying to stir up Chinese netizens against their government, it has instead stirred up a lot more resentment against itself. Chinese people do care about freedom of expression, but not as much as they care about a perceived slight to their national sovereignty. A dose of American humility is long overdue. It comes down to one word: respect.

Yes, respect is the key word and sadly speaking, most US people especially the US Congressmen lacks this finesse and quality. The US strongly believe that its democratic values and its human right practices are a size that fit all for everyone on this earth and that if you are not, then you are not with them.

China is big enough to stand on its own two feet not like some Asian countries and it should not just blindly succumb to coercive pressure from a big bully like the US. Even a big country like the US can fall as demonstrated with the defeat of the mighty US military by the NAVIs in the movie, “AVATAR”.


Robert said...

This guy is a clown baby. I'm glad I found him though, I needed a source which proved Chinese censorship was working on some people who were fool enough to fall for it.

China Watcher said...

Sorry, Robert. I am not from China and I do get uncensored searches. I do not need a Westerner to tell me what is right or wrong. And I think it is the prerogative of every nation to be bounded by its own laws. No respect here for you.

Robert said...

I didn't say I needed a Chinese citizen within the great firewall of China, just someone who voiced the opinion that it is ok for a governing body to enact laws in contention with laws they themselves have agreed to.

I also enjoy that you think I must be a westerner, because you have it so pegged that all Chinese citizens love the actions of their government.

Anonymous said...

if gugle was that concerned about censorship, then why doesnt it show what the u.s. troops are really doing in iraq? such as gunning down innocent people, blowing up peoples homes, etc. i guess gugles too busy cooperating with the cia and nsa in spying on everyone in the world.