Thursday, March 11, 2010

Google stop talking, Get out of China now

By China Watcher

If Google is sincere on its wishes to not allow the censoring of its filter results, then get of China and don’t talk so much. I think all Chinese people would be glad that they are really acting on their threat or threats. If they move out, we welcome it and it helps China to weed out those unscrupulous and insincere US corporate from the Chinese market.

I have always stated if the US companies refused to obey Chinese laws then moved out and stop trying to use excuses and delaying tactics to promote its stay in China. China does not welcome such companies. In fact, these companies need China more. If these companies want to succumb to the wish of its democratic activists then by all means “pack your bags” and get out of China. If I am given a say in the China’s Foreign Investment Committee, I would without hesitation issue a “deportation order” to Google telling them to ship out immediately for not subscribing to Chinese laws.

I am truly sad that a top Google executive of Chinese descent is willing to stoop so low to face a bunch of anti-China US lawmakers and informing them that the Internet giant is prepared to leave China if Beijing continues to censor its Web searches. China has already stated that it will NOT bend to the whims and fancies of a US corporate or to pacify them to stay. So why is Google still waiting. GET OUT NOW AND STOP MAKING NOISES. WE ARE FED UP!

Nicole Wong or whatever her name is should be labeled a “traitor” to the Chinese people by succumbing to Western ideologies and discarding her Chinese beliefs and cultural roots where throughout many age old governance practices that relied on the acceptance of changes but it must be gradual, controlled and within a code of laws to ensure that the nation is stable without affecting the livelihood of the 1.3 billion Chinese.

Google threatened in January to leave China over what it said were mid-December cyberattacks aimed at its source code and at the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists around the world. If they are so strong in its human rights BELIEF, then why do Google still continue to filter results on its Chinese search engine,, and posted ads for dozens of positions in China, which has the world's largest number of online users at 384 million. They should be preparing to leave China.

With regards to the hundreds of employees that Google has hired, the Chinese authorities can easily request its local Internet companies like Baidu to absorb them. I was informed that there are already head hunters on the instructions of the local companies to tap those workers expected to be retrenched by Google.

If Google is not going to change its decision then why stay in China and issues more threats. It makes no sense.

A US Congresswoman correctly put it “we welcomed Google's commitment to stop censoring search results in China but, unfortunately Google has yet to follow through on and to stop self-censoring”. In other words, when do they execute its threat(s).

To make everyone happy, there is only one solution, PLEASE MOVE OUT NOW!

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