Tuesday, January 19, 2010

China should tell Google to pack its bag and leave China immediately

By China Watcher

It is not a game of being nice. Before Google does any damage to the security and business interest of the Chinese, the Chinese government should just tell Google to leave China immediately.

Google is trying to use whatever publicity in collaboration with its hordes of Western media particularly US owned to paint China in the negative light but this is not working for them. In fact, a large percentage of the overseas Chinese I met recently expressed its undivided support to the Chinese government for making a stand that if you operate in China – RESPECT CHINESE LAW otherwise SHIPPED OUT and DO IT QUIETLY.

I would like to share a comment from an oversea Chinese who aptly summarizes what many Chinese throughout the world would have expressed:

“ I question Google's Drummond going to CNBC to publicize its threat to leave China. I happened to see the show on that night and I was not particularly pleased at the jibes and poison barbs thrown at the Chinese government without even them having an opportunity to reply. Google seemed to have misjudgedthe public's mood when it - a business entity - tried to make the Chinese look bad by slandering it on global television. That must be the height of arrogance and hypocrisy. The immediate similarity that comes to mind is Steven Spielberg's pullout from his commitment to his contract prior to the launching of the Beijing Olympic games. It was a downright utterly contemptible move .. stabbing your benefactor in the back! I bet he has not lived that down even today. All said, these two incidents bear the hall marks of the US President's campaign of its bad cops while the President tries to play good cop. The US and Britain are just most despicable in this matter .. seen from people from the East.”

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