Saturday, December 11, 2010

The 'clowns' have celebrated its what

By China Watcher

Yesterday, the Western world has celebrated its cherished idealistic world complete with human rights dignity as they called themselves now what.

The criminal is still imprisoned for 11 years..if not more. It is not for the West to decide but for the course of Chinese laws and if the convicted person is on good behavior, the Courts may allowed the person to be pardoned and not from PRESSURE from the WEST especially from the US and EU.

The Nobel Peace is now over and the Chinese now should note who are their true and sincere friends throughout the World. The Indians have make qualification that it is attending not to go against China but the Committee and Norway especially is challenging Chinese authority to run its own country. I am just wondering why those foreign exiles and dissidents cannot keep quiet since there are supposed to lived in a FREE Western World. That is because most of them are under Western salary payroll to cause trouble towards Chinese continuous political and economic development along its own pace with its own governance model.

The Western world will continue to challenge the Chinese government right to rule its own country and as such, they must plot its own path and strategy to ward off such pressure. Perhaps, it must continue to strengthen its relationship with those friendly countries and develop a strong grouping like the Third World during the Cold War.

I dare the West and the Nobel Committee to publish a list of those countries which have attended the ceremony as I could not find any on the Net other than the list of those countries which did not attend. Maybe, Chinese media can publish a list for all the pro-Chinese government supporters who is doing business in such "double-faced" countries.

The countries that did not attend should be commended and China should send its representatives personally to thank them and reward them with preferential trading and investment status.

I reiterate once again for China to sever all ties with Norway.

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Jatien said...

China must re-consider whether Wen Jiabao should travel to India.