Tuesday, April 29, 2014

US is showing its true colors

Recent trip by Obama to its so-called Eastern Allies is to shore up US support given to these US protectorate. Thats' nothing new. It is risky adventure and it will culminate in the end of the world. A nuclear war no one will win. But one thing for sure, the two biggest Chinese enemies, Japan and Philippines will be bombed first in a nuclear war. Don't blame the Chinese for doing that. It looked very certain.

China should form a military alliance with the Russians to counter this evil axis.

China Daily has a very well written editorial that all readers must read rather than getting a one sided view from the Western propaganda media.

Excerpts from China Daily:

Just as many have observed, united States President Barack Obama's Asia visit is essentially about Washington's and its allies' unease about a rising China.

From Tokyo to Manila, Obama has tried to pick his words so as not to antagonize Beijing. But from the US-Japan joint statement to the new US-Philippines defense agreement, it is increasingly obvious that Washington is taking Beijing as an opponent. With Obama reassuring the US' allies of protection in any conflict with China, it is now clear that Washington is no longer bothering to conceal its attempt to contain China's influence in the region. It is even less convincing to say the US pivot to the Asia-Pacific is not targeted against China.

Obama's rhetoric about peace and international law sounds hollow because it contradicts what Washington and himself have been up to. The US-Japan statement, for instance, is a dangerous license for the increasingly rightist Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to provoke more trouble. Its shameless disregard of historical facts and endorsement of Abe's rightist inclinations will only cause further instability.

For a considerably long period, Chinese have cherished the naive thought that Washington will rein in its unruly allies when they go too far.

Obama's current trip should be a wake-up call that this is just wishful thinking. His sweet promises of a new type of major-country relationship should not blind us to the grim geopolitical reality: Ganging up with its troublemaking allies, the US is presenting itself as a security threat to China.

The foremost threat is not the disputes that estrange China from its neighbors such as Japan and the Philippines. It is rather the threatening image of China that is being projected and marketed by these malicious neighbors and their backstage supporter.
Washington's biased portrayal of China and its legitimate territorial claims is conducive to the US' pivot and stronger bonds with its allies. But if the US wants to benefit from the thriving Asia-Pacific, it should promote good-neighborliness.

The further prosperity of the region calls for closer intra-regional connectivity, to which the current tensions are a threat. Washington should try to ease those tensions, instead of fanning them.
Most important of all, Washington must come to terms with the reality that China will continue to grow, though it will not follow the US' hegemonic path.

Washington's best bet lies in collaborating with, not standing against, Beijing before it is too late.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

China need to review its long term protest and national declaration ruling to make it effective

The Chinese Govt over the past few months have lodged solemn protest to the US and other Western Governments over the support given to Japan and other smaller so-called US allies over territorial disputes in East Asia and South East Asia. Just yesterday, the US President met the Dalai Lama for the third time at the White House even though the Chinese government has indicated strong protest.

Countries like US, Japan, Philippines at this moment only recognise one thing - the fire power both nuclear and non nuclear to vanquish them.

So far, China has found no effective way to counter such acts coming from the US motivated attacks using its Allies as well on China and the Chinese people at large.

China must now take a different direction as it grow stronger it must not only lodge protest and make declaration which it cannot follow-up effectively, otherwise it will embarrass the country at the expense of the Caucasian race and its vast bias media who will take any single opportunity to hit at China just because its cultural lifestyle, its type of government and social development is very different from the West.

For the US, the Dalai Lama is an easy card to play - not as powerful as before - still it is a card to deal with China. The US senators and Congressman who are "enemies" of the Chinese people will do whatever it can to create any loss of face for China. Hence, it is important that the Chinese people must take note and understand that the US is an insincere country who will do everything to promote its version of the world order.

The Russians have also felt the growing power of the NATO countries creeping up to its doorstep (with the fall of Ukraine just two days ago). The Russians have so far, stop short of cementing a clear military alliance with the Chinese. The Chinese and Russian must forget all the distrust in the past and build a more solid foundation at coming up with a stronger alliance to counter the Western growing political and military influence. Maybe, a strong impetus is needed to push this relationship forward.

China must continue to grow stronger on its own and to develop its military even more powerful. I am not a fan of the late Chairman Mao, but there is one thing which he said till today which hold very true - nothing beats physical power and that comes from the barrel of the gun.

The influence of the Dalai clique will continue to decline even with additional funding from the Western countries.

China must continue to protest if there are acts which goes against Chinese sovereignty. This is the declaration of its stance. But it must be serious to follow up its act like:

1. Reduce trading activities with the countries who supported any act against the Chinese people.
2. Block any aid to these countries
3. Reduce the diplomacy relationship to a consulate status
4. Able to bring other countries to make its leader and diplomats as pariah.
5. Able to enforce its ruling using strong and unchallenged military power.
6. Reduce cooperation to the country to resolve international issues.

Only by seriously able to implement all follow up actions as stated above will the "enemies" of the Chinese people stand up and take note of the words coming from China. There is no two way about it.