Tuesday, December 21, 2010

South Korea risky move is emboldened by its protector, the US

By China Watcher

When South Korea’s President remarked that it is the right of his country to conduct the live fire drill and no country can interfere with this, we believe these words are encouraged and emboldened by its main protector, the US. This comes about after Russia and China have urged the South Koreans to cancel the drill over their concerns of provoking a dangerous response from the unpredictable Koreans in the North. The live fire drill is viewed more as a psychological warfare, to boost the South Koreans morale after two shocking incidents over the past few months supposedly started by the Northern socialist state.

If there is no US, South Korea will not even exist today and that’s very true. When the Korean President speaks with the added courage, it is because of the strong backing from the US who is deemed by most people as the self appointed “policeman” of the world.

But to conduct such live military drill in the wake of heightened tension on the Korean Peninsular, it is not a wise decision. And if there is an outbreak of war, as a result of such a move, we can without doubt put the blame on the South Koreans and its US protector, the US.

Sometimes, to resolve an old outstanding issue, it is best to let the 2 separated Koreans fight and the winner takes over everything just like the war in Vietnam….and of course without the Chinese and Americans interference. But the Western world will not let this happen…fearful of a crumbling liberal supported Western society.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sino-Indian ties can only be stable and good and no more than that

By China Watcher

I woke up to the news on the visit by China’s PM Wen to India and I got the feeling that it is largely a diplomatic exercise for the promotion of trade ties between the two emerging nations. Trade deficit favoring China can easily be offset by larger imports of one’s goods and services in subsequent years but there are glaring contentious issues which remained notable “hurdles” for growing strategic ties.

1. India continuous act in allowing the dissidents and trouble makers from the Chinese autonomous region of Tibet to establish a base in Northern India remains a sticky sore thumb in an otherwise cool relationship.

2. The border disputes over areas in Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh in the Northern States will also be an issue which I foresee cannot be resolved overnight and may extend to the next generations of Indians or Chinese or some unexpected twist like a Third World War where boundary lines are redrawn.

The competing of resources worldwide is normal for any potential economic force and this can be genuinely avoided if communication barriers are brought down and informal links are promoted widely which I can see that both the PMs are mature enough to find the means to work together. The important thing here is to ensure that the Western world do not take this opportunity to delay the growth of this two countries. The main rivalry I see here is that with the growth of emerging nations, it will deprive these Western nations from holding on to their current dominant positions which are still being actively promoted by their influential media with a hidden agenda to drive a wedge between the two countries.

I think that it is the right of every country including China to develop close and brotherly ties with each other and that includes countries surrounding India like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. And it also India’s right to develop close ties with South Korea and Japan in East Asia which I believe the Chinese do not mind at all. The Western media used this to highlight that is an issue and I personally do not think so.

Sino-India ties will not develop into a more trustworthy relationship similar to the present state of Sino-Pakistan relations but it also not that bad as portray by the West. India is just trying to stand on its own and I do not think the West would easily win the country’s leaders over to stand on its side should there be an outbreak of hostility between the West and China.

Let me remind the West that India is an Asian country and its cultures and customs are quite different from the West.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who attended the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

By China Watcher

Following the Nobel Piss Prize, I have done a bit of research of all the emissaries and Consulates in Norway and provided below is a listing. I am not too sure whether some of these countries at Consulate level were invited or attended. However, there are comments I have made by the side of each country names:

British – foregone conclusion
Chile – surprise here which China must take note
Belize – small nation, unimportant
Canada – foregone conclusion
Guinea-Bissau – small country
Hondura – West Indies no ties with China
Netherland – foregone conclusion
Uruguay – surprise here and lately trying to do some business with China, China to note
Austria – foregone conclusion
Belgium – foregone conclusion
Bosnia-Herzegovina - Europe
Brazil – the new President is afterall not so “friendly” with China
Costa Rica – surprise after switching ties from Taiwan to China, China to note
Croatia - Europe
Czech Republic - Europe
Finland – foregone conclusion
Germany - Europe
Greece – Surprise here after China has sincerely offers aids packages to them, China take note
Guatemala – no ties with China
Hungary - Europe
Iceland – Europe, bankrupt nation
India – More rivalry than anything else, China to note
Indonesia – More pro-US, China to note
Ireland - Europe
Italy - Europe
Lithuania – Former Soviet..now swing to the Western world.
Palestine – need US support more
Poland – foregone conclusion
Portugal – Europe, just business ties, China to note
Romania – Surprise here, Romania has been very supportive of China
Serbia – Makes a U turn after pressure from European members – at least courage to make initial decision.
Slovakia - Europe
Spain – foregone conclusion
Sweden – foregone conclusion
Switzerland – foregone conclusion
Thailand – pro-US PM and China should take note
Bulgaria – Europe
South Korea – Puppet of US
Latvia - Europe
South Africa – Surprise perhaps, strong pressure from US
Turkey – foregone conclusion since the Uighurs grievances and trying to fit into Europe
Ukraine – Europe, but surprise here as this nation has a closer link with China
Japan – US puppet
France – foregone conclusion
Singapore – don’t know whether this country attend but has been pro-US
Ethiopia – poor country
Jamaica – West Indies, more due to US influence
Luxembourg - Europe
Malaysia – do not know whether this country attend but is relatively quiet
Mauritius – surprise..trying to promote tourists from China
Namibia – business ties up but policies still very pro-Westerm
Nepal – don’t know whether this country attend..but has been supportive of China
Nicaragua – no political ties
Madagascar – big country and very little business tie up with China
Australia – foregone conclusion
US – the biggest hypocrite
The Seychelles – small island nation very pro-Western from French colony days

If you review the list, most of these countries are from Caucasian based European nations and nations that do not have diplomatic links with China. Outside this Group, I can deduce that they are merely “US puppets” or because of their close dependencies to the Western world. If you are thinking that most of these countries which have attended the Ceremony are supportive of the Western cause, YOU ARE WRONG and probably misled by the Western media.

China is not wrong to say in claiming that it has the support of more than 100 countries throughout the world because there are close to 200 nations on the UN sovereign nations list. There are only 58 embassies/representatives offices in Norway.

For all the right thinking Chinese and pro-China supporters, the non-verified completed listing above is for you to make reference when doing business or Chinese politicians who are planning to cooperate with these countries.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The 'clowns' have celebrated its fanfare..now what

By China Watcher

Yesterday, the Western world has celebrated its cherished idealistic world complete with human rights dignity as they called themselves ...so now what.

The criminal is still imprisoned for 11 years..if not more. It is not for the West to decide but for the course of Chinese laws and if the convicted person is on good behavior, the Courts may allowed the person to be pardoned and not from PRESSURE from the WEST especially from the US and EU.

The Nobel Peace is now over and the Chinese now should note who are their true and sincere friends throughout the World. The Indians have make qualification that it is attending not to go against China but the Committee and Norway especially is challenging Chinese authority to run its own country. I am just wondering why those foreign exiles and dissidents cannot keep quiet since there are supposed to lived in a FREE Western World. That is because most of them are under Western salary payroll to cause trouble towards Chinese continuous political and economic development along its own pace with its own governance model.

The Western world will continue to challenge the Chinese government right to rule its own country and as such, they must plot its own path and strategy to ward off such pressure. Perhaps, it must continue to strengthen its relationship with those friendly countries and develop a strong grouping like the Third World during the Cold War.

I dare the West and the Nobel Committee to publish a list of those countries which have attended the ceremony as I could not find any on the Net other than the list of those countries which did not attend. Maybe, Chinese media can publish a list for all the pro-Chinese government supporters who is doing business in such "double-faced" countries.

The countries that did not attend should be commended and China should send its representatives personally to thank them and reward them with preferential trading and investment status.

I reiterate once again for China to sever all ties with Norway.

Friday, December 10, 2010


By China Watcher

I need to comment on this topic although it is not related to China.

It is good that the FIFA President had made a comment on the critics especially those coming from former colonist, UK on the selection of Russia as the host for FIFA World Cup in 2018. He viewed such criticisms as negative and more like the noises from a BAD LOSER. The main cause of the failure of the UK bid is due to the British media which is making inaccurate supportive insinuations and at present, it is still not willing to shoulder the blame but trying to point the finger at the selection process and the corruption within FIFA.

What a bad loser..which I had to agree in totality.

When China lost out the Olympic host bidding process to Sydney in 2000, it did not blame everyone but to build up a more sturdy and reliable presentation to bid for the 2008 Olympics of which it had won and successfully hosted.

Who is more civilized here - the Western world or China?

The Nobel Peace Prize is essentially a tool of the Western world

By China Watcher

A Norwegian critic commented recently that the past few Nobel Peace Prize winners indicate that the Norwegian Nobel Committee lacked sound analysis and even disregarded facts. The foundation of the Nobel Peace Prize conferments in recent years was weak, including the latest one to a convicted Chinese criminal named Liu Xiaobo.

The admired critic mentioned that the Nobel Committee's selection approach is problematic in itself and that it does consider the overall global picture but squarely based on its own emotions and carving to the present power based authority and the human rights activists which is centered in the Western world. One good example is the award to Bangladeshi banker Muhammad Yunus in 2006.

From U.S. President Barack Obama in 2009 to Liu Xiaobo in 2010, the selections showed evidently that the Nobel Committee served as conduit for support given to Western leaders on the one hand and as a backer of opposition forces in Eastern countries on the other. While the committee had many reasons to sing paeans to the United States and find fault with China, it suffered a fatal failure: its background checks focused merely on the nominees and how well it can promote its own agenda to propagate Western values which the decision makers deemed as universal values.

Why were Nobel concerts anchored by Hollywood stars from the United States instead of Bollywood stars from India? Did Western countries still think the center of the world was somewhere in the Atlantic? India which has send a representative to the Ceremony will need to re-consider because there will be day when a Kashmir activist or dissident who will be awarded the Prize.

The current Nobel Committee Chairman Thorbjoern Jagland intended to take part in some significant events to change the direction of the global development, but he often tripped over his own path as he is challenging the international norm and acting with the West to challenge a potential superpower. There is no strong rationale to award to the present US President last year. What has he done for World Peace? Isn’t the prize reserve for prominent personalities like Chou En Lai, a former premier of China, who has contributed to so much to his country’s peaceful integration with the world community and the Third World or to Mr. Gandhi to his non violence protests in India against former colonist, Britain?

The decision to award the prize to a dissident was unwise because it is enforcing support for Chinese nationals throughout the world as it is viewed as a Western political tool to force Western values on 1.3 billion residents of the World. It further exposed the Western countries agenda together with its massive media to try to influence and lecture others who do not subscribe to such values.

Anyone who wanted to shape history must carefully and comprehensively discern the global situation and accept the fact that the world would need to embrace fundamental changes and there is a different political model other than Western democracies.

The five members of the Nobel Committee were retired politicians at senior ages and lacked professional knowledge on the world situation would inevitably erode the meaning and glory of the Nobel Peace Prize. Should the committee continue making decisions against the tenet of the Nobel Peace Prize its reputation of the award among the Third World especially would fall further and rated as a “Western junk”.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nobel Peace Prize Post-Mortem

By China Watcher

Based on the latest statistics:

The countries which have declined the Norwegian government invitations and are considered “good and trusted’ friends of China and its people are:

1. Russia
2. Kazakhstan
3. Colombia
4. Tunisia
5. Saudi Arabia
6. Pakistan
7. Serbia
8. Iraq
9. Iran
10. Vietnam
11. Afghanistan
12. Venezuela
13. Philippines
14. Egypt
15. Sudan
16. Ukraine
17. Cuba
18. Morocco
19. Algeria (no response)
20. Sri Lanka

I am a bit surprise at the rejection coming from two so-called US new found “friendly” countries. First, Vietnam which the US has openly made claims through its media that they are entering a new military partnership phase with the Socialist State to ward off Chinese influence in South East Asia. Secondly, the Philippines which also said that they would like US presence in the South China Sea to deter any Chinese perceived aggression in Asia. Anyway, it is good to know that there are 20 trusted “friends” which the Chinese can develop very strong “preferential” relationship with financial assistance for the growth of these countries. 20 out of 66 countries is quite noticeable and very encouraging and as usual, I do not understand what the Norwegian “enemies” were saying and the Western promoted activists were proud of.

On the other hand, we notice some so called “double” faced countries like South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, India, Brazil and South Africa. There is no surprise for countries like South Korea and Japan which I have long ago written off as US or Western puppets. The other 4 countries are more of a surprise and the Chinese government should take note that these are the very nations that will let you down when you need the support.

Let us bring the fight against Western dominance and its political instrument like the Nobel Prize.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A big snub to the Western World

By China Watcher

This topic is not related to China but I have the pleasure to write something on it nonetheless.

At the recent World Cup bidding to host the 2018 and 2022, Russia and Qatar have successful won the rights to host one of the most prestigious tournaments on Earth.

Of course, there were sour grapes coming from the supporters especially from Caucasian based countries like England, the US and Australia. Some comments from the racist Australia is that how could Qatar won the bid and the tiny country with such a small population with an unsuitable climate. He went on further to say that it is joke to award the host to such country. If this is not racist and ringed of so much on Caucasian based authority, I do not know what to say.

The Western media as usual could not believe that its many articles singing praises for the favorites have so few influence among the Third World delegates.

I was so happy to note that the white country of England was brought down to earth thinking that by sending three famous celebrities they could win the host job but unfortunately, there could only win 2 votes. The US even has a recorded speech of their talkative President but it does not help.

It was certainly a good day for me after also seeing the US puppet countries of South Korea and Japan were also eliminated in each rounds.

Congratulations to Russia and Qatar.

China should sever its relations with Norway

By China Watcher

China as a big nation should just cut off ties with Norway immediately over its recent comments that China has itself to be blame for the deterioration of relations between the 2 nations. The arrogant Viking country is not remorseful and even openly declared its support of the Nobel Peace Prize.Initially the country claimed that it has no say in the award of the Prize. A whole lot of nonsense and this country is merely a puppet of the big brother, the US.

China should strongly considered to bring the relations to a Consulate status and then if there is no improvement to cut off links immediately. The Chinese people throughout the world must take note of this development.

This should send a strong message to the Western world.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Without China assistance the North Korea issue will not go away

By China Watcher

Western media has again painted a picture that the West together with its East Asia’s Marshals, Japan and South Korea (still tied to a dog noose after the Korean War because without US there is no South Korea) will be able to resolve the North Korean problems without China. The media were freely and unceasingly using words like “Reject China” and “Snub China”.

Honestly, what can these countries do to solve the broader problems involving a stubborn North Korea with an uncompromising posture? Talking tough is one thing but having to put the action into practice is another matter altogether. There is without doubt close coordination between the United States, Republic of Korea and Japan due to its intricate war linkages and hence, we are already aware of, so why is there a need to continue to highlight it. The media tried very hard to emphasize this close relationship with an agenda to show to the world that it would imply in simple meaning “we will endure the difficult situation and we rise or fall together if need be” as we have a “brotherly” relation. I am sure China is well aware of it and there are strategies to counter this type of joint force like what Russia is now doing to counter NATO expansion.

If these countries are not interested in talks, then the only way out is a full scale WAR. The large scale military manoeuvres are sure signs that the US and its “Sheriffs” are moving towards this solution. And I am sure the US is leading the two smaller protectorates into believing that it is the only alternative to remove North Korea from the big “picture”. If there is a full scale war, then the useless US President Barack Obama and his fellow Congressmen have to answer for any repercussions in the near future.

Some Congressmen have even go one step further to demand outright economic sanctions on China for not succumbing to the request of the US to pressure North Korea and also, for the perceived assistance provided towards Iranian nuclear program. I would love to see how the US is going to carry out this threat or threats.

My personal opinion is that for a peaceful resolution of the current destabilizing situation, the only way forward is through talks unless if WAR is the only way forward as promoted by the US. Without China, I do not think the problem can be resolved whatever angles the Western media would like to portray they are coming from.