Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who attended the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

By China Watcher

Following the Nobel Piss Prize, I have done a bit of research of all the emissaries and Consulates in Norway and provided below is a listing. I am not too sure whether some of these countries at Consulate level were invited or attended. However, there are comments I have made by the side of each country names:

British – foregone conclusion
Chile – surprise here which China must take note
Belize – small nation, unimportant
Canada – foregone conclusion
Guinea-Bissau – small country
Hondura – West Indies no ties with China
Netherland – foregone conclusion
Uruguay – surprise here and lately trying to do some business with China, China to note
Austria – foregone conclusion
Belgium – foregone conclusion
Bosnia-Herzegovina - Europe
Brazil – the new President is afterall not so “friendly” with China
Costa Rica – surprise after switching ties from Taiwan to China, China to note
Croatia - Europe
Czech Republic - Europe
Finland – foregone conclusion
Germany - Europe
Greece – Surprise here after China has sincerely offers aids packages to them, China take note
Guatemala – no ties with China
Hungary - Europe
Iceland – Europe, bankrupt nation
India – More rivalry than anything else, China to note
Indonesia – More pro-US, China to note
Ireland - Europe
Italy - Europe
Lithuania – Former swing to the Western world.
Palestine – need US support more
Poland – foregone conclusion
Portugal – Europe, just business ties, China to note
Romania – Surprise here, Romania has been very supportive of China
Serbia – Makes a U turn after pressure from European members – at least courage to make initial decision.
Slovakia - Europe
Spain – foregone conclusion
Sweden – foregone conclusion
Switzerland – foregone conclusion
Thailand – pro-US PM and China should take note
Bulgaria – Europe
South Korea – Puppet of US
Latvia - Europe
South Africa – Surprise perhaps, strong pressure from US
Turkey – foregone conclusion since the Uighurs grievances and trying to fit into Europe
Ukraine – Europe, but surprise here as this nation has a closer link with China
Japan – US puppet
France – foregone conclusion
Singapore – don’t know whether this country attend but has been pro-US
Ethiopia – poor country
Jamaica – West Indies, more due to US influence
Luxembourg - Europe
Malaysia – do not know whether this country attend but is relatively quiet
Mauritius – surprise..trying to promote tourists from China
Namibia – business ties up but policies still very pro-Westerm
Nepal – don’t know whether this country attend..but has been supportive of China
Nicaragua – no political ties
Madagascar – big country and very little business tie up with China
Australia – foregone conclusion
US – the biggest hypocrite
The Seychelles – small island nation very pro-Western from French colony days

If you review the list, most of these countries are from Caucasian based European nations and nations that do not have diplomatic links with China. Outside this Group, I can deduce that they are merely “US puppets” or because of their close dependencies to the Western world. If you are thinking that most of these countries which have attended the Ceremony are supportive of the Western cause, YOU ARE WRONG and probably misled by the Western media.

China is not wrong to say in claiming that it has the support of more than 100 countries throughout the world because there are close to 200 nations on the UN sovereign nations list. There are only 58 embassies/representatives offices in Norway.

For all the right thinking Chinese and pro-China supporters, the non-verified completed listing above is for you to make reference when doing business or Chinese politicians who are planning to cooperate with these countries.

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