Tuesday, September 8, 2015

China should just ignore the comments from the Pinoys

Philippine defense ministry spokesman Peter Paul Galvez on Sunday said the department welcomed the Chinese leadership's recent announcement affirming its commitment to peace, but questioned why China displayed offensive weaponry at the Sept. 3 parade.

This is pure nonsensical comments that the Chinese can just ignore. Remember, WW3 and the Pinoys are going to be the first to be wiped out with a US base in Subic.

Friday, September 4, 2015

China must develop a strategy to destroy the pinoys

The pinoys have been a pain in China quest to take back its sovereignty in South China Sea.

These pinoys are trouble makers and they love to see the USa building naval bases as it is during its colonial days. Well let this be. The government would feel rather happy to be controlled under the thumb of its US fellows like the good old days when its women are treated like commodity when Subic Bay US base is around. Good Luck and have a happy adventures with the US.

But China should have a medium to long term strategy to deal and hopefully to destroy the Pinoys when there is an opportunity.

The Pinoys are the enemies of the Chinese people, that is for sure.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

War Parade is the right strategy to counter the US and Japan influence

Today is a big day for China and Chinese people throughout the world. This is a showcase to demonstrate to the so-called "angelic" self appointed world policeman USA and Japan, a running dog of the US.

China is not North Korea and Iran or whatever minnows the USA is thinking from its bloody hawkish congressmen. If there's a war to be fought - nuclear - there will be no winners. The hawks and the rightist Japanese, please take note.

Over the past few days, Western media has been driving a wedge between the Russians and Chinese, a relation that there are so jealous. Sino-Russian relations are at their best and it would last till the next decade. I am fed up of all these comments from the couch potatoes.

I am so proud of being a Chinese and it is the resolve to compete and to be the best of everything which will bring about the survival of the Chinese race. Not a racist but sometimes we need to send a clear message to the USa and these Japanese who is trying to do the bidding work for the US by instigating the South East Asian countries.

We now know who are the friends of the Chinese people.

Vietnam ( represented by the top Communist party chief)
South Africa
Czech Republic

And the enemies of the Chinese people presently are the US citizens, Japanese and Pinoys. Remember it WW3 comes, you know who you need to confront first.

Congratulations to China on the 70th Anniversary.