Sunday, April 25, 2010

Western new agency tried to promote its version of popular figure

By China Watcher

I read this piece of news in a foreign press and I could not stop criticizing some Asian media especially those pro-US countries from publishing this piece of one-sided bias news. Instead of analyzing the article, it acted like a “parrot” and happily published the recycled news supporting those behind this scheme with a hidden agenda.

The newspaper claimed that Obama and the Dalai Lama as the WORLD’S most POPULAR LEADERS. First, when you proclaimed WORLD, it should cover at least a wide spectrum of readers or netizens but it is not. The survey only includes readers from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United States and these few Western agencies unashamedly said it is the WORLD. I almost laughed my heads off. I think we should send these people to learn GEOGRAPHY. Everyone knows that the WORLD is not made up of these few countries. It does not include populated nations like China, India, Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia or even Russia. Why? Because all these countries do not share the same favorable opinion of the US President or the EXILED religious and POLITICAL FIGURE who seems to enjoyed Western patronage for a reason – to provoke and antagonize the Chinese government.

Let us take a closer look at those countries on the list. The US and UK are both tied up through some past Anglo connection. France, Germany, Italy and Spain are all former colonizers who could not bear to sit idly and watched China, with its new brand of relationship, winning friends in Africa, Latin America and certain parts of Asia. Worse still, some of these countries in the poorer parts of the WORLD suffered under centuries of abuse from the above mentioned COLONIZERS. And going into the racist and religion elements, these listed countries are all Caucasian based with a strong Christianity background. I do not want to dwell into this but somehow it has to be highlighted for some readers who may not be able to decipher the clear common attributes.

Whether the US President obtained 77% or the sly and cunning Tibetan leader securing 75%, it will have no bearing if the international readers can read through the hidden motives of the survey.

I am not surprised that the Chinese President is one of the least popular in the survey, given the Western media continuous anti-bashing news on the Chinese leaders over the last decade. It is important that with the growth of China and its influence, world news reporting will be more diversified and not controlled only by Westerners. More so, reports should be balanced and not relying solely on AFP, Reuters, BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, just to name a few of them.

I would rate the Chinese President very high on my own list, for his ability to ensure 1.3 billion people basic needs are met and also, to maintain stability in the most populated country in the WORLD.

Is popular so important?

I never doubted Obama is the most powerful person in the world given the economic and military superiority of the US viz-a-viz the nearest country but after having evaluated his performance over the last two years, he, of course can speak quite well with his oratorical skills but that is all. There are nothing significant he has contributed to the WORLD – Middle East is still in turmoil, North Korea and Iran are still nuclear outcast, Iraq and Afghanistan are still not stable and the US troops still maintained a heavy presence in these two countries. You decide.