Saturday, January 16, 2010

The US government is behind the devious Google’s planned exit from China

By China Watcher

Yesterday, the US government (inclusive of the hated and nosy Congressmen) has demonstrated its true colors by coming from behind to support the Google THREAT to pullout from China. The Obama Administration has requested an explanation of the hacking activities of Google’s servers whereby, in actuality, only the names of 2 human rights activist accounts were lost and not much confidential data were leaked.

I applaud Microsoft for its upright and just opinion by commenting that that it is all a business game and that Google is merely crying like a “spoilt child” over the inability to dominate the Chinese search engine market after more than 3 years. Microsoft added that hacking of information is a “common phenomena” and it is up to the Internet operator to upgrade its security fix or infrastructure to deter hackers.

A corporate pullout from a lucrative market is really nothing for China but one which is fully backed by its own government, maybe, that is something. Or so they think? But the Chinese has never succumbed to Threats and Pressure especially from the West, more so from the US government.

A few more comments from online parties on the subject:

1. Google by right should leave China for a long time and please let Microsoft takes over the business in China since the Chinese needs time for adjustments to polish its skills further before a genuine fight with Google. Microsoft will certainly help China in all aspects to polish its skills and by that time Google wouldn't have any place in China and the Chinese should be able to export its advanced search engines to other countries in direct competition with Google. With commitments, I believe Skill and Knowledge can be acquired with others to hold you at ransoms.

2. Yes Google should leave China now that the USA State Dept., has made a big deal about their intention. Read the Chinese responses to this issue. I say to those who make a big deal of this that China will be happier if Google leaves.

3. Well done China! Don't let yourselves be dictated to in your internal affairs by a mere multinational corporation from the imperialist west. Do what is right and best for the interests of your people and don't succumb to their bankrupt and discredited right-wing anarchist, Neo-Liberal ideology. After all, how much does Google contribute to China's economy compared to how much China's economy contributes to Google.

4. Every country has it's own rules and regulations. Even taxes are different! If Google intends to do business in China, they are atleast follow their rules and regulation. If Google intends to business but NOT following their rules and regulations, that's ILLEGAL.Crying over cyberattacks and censorship is lame. Google is a large multinational corporate which its business its Internet search engine and advertisement. Cyberattacks are expected. All Internet servers are all attacked every day, every hour. What do Google expect? Censorship is applied everywhere in the World! Some countries censor child porn, some censor religious taboos, others have their software piracy censorship. It's just China happened to be reinforced heavier censorship. It's not like something Google search engines cannot afford to do.

5. Just alone India and China make up 2/3rds of the world's population, and counting in the Soviet Union, all Muslim nations, Latin American-Brazilian region and African countries, that would make Google's relevance to the world merely that of a minority stakeholder. Google had better toe the line before these 4 major forces decide Google is just a proxy of the certain Caucasian factions and should be shut out of their business models.

Let Google leave and set stricter rules if they beg to come back later. Support other friendly non -US corporate and companies. The US cannot be trusted.

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