Tuesday, December 21, 2010

South Korea risky move is emboldened by its protector, the US

By China Watcher

When South Korea’s President remarked that it is the right of his country to conduct the live fire drill and no country can interfere with this, we believe these words are encouraged and emboldened by its main protector, the US. This comes about after Russia and China have urged the South Koreans to cancel the drill over their concerns of provoking a dangerous response from the unpredictable Koreans in the North. The live fire drill is viewed more as a psychological warfare, to boost the South Koreans morale after two shocking incidents over the past few months supposedly started by the Northern socialist state.

If there is no US, South Korea will not even exist today and that’s very true. When the Korean President speaks with the added courage, it is because of the strong backing from the US who is deemed by most people as the self appointed “policeman” of the world.

But to conduct such live military drill in the wake of heightened tension on the Korean Peninsular, it is not a wise decision. And if there is an outbreak of war, as a result of such a move, we can without doubt put the blame on the South Koreans and its US protector, the US.

Sometimes, to resolve an old outstanding issue, it is best to let the 2 separated Koreans fight and the winner takes over everything just like the war in Vietnam….and of course without the Chinese and Americans interference. But the Western world will not let this happen…fearful of a crumbling liberal supported Western society.

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