Friday, November 19, 2010

The Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony is a way to show the Chinese people who their true friends are

By China Watcher

The Nobel Committee by awarding the Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo has won the trust of the Western people but losing the trust of 1.3 billion Chinese people. They support a “criminal” while creating 1.3 billion “dissidents” that are dissatisfied with the Nobel Committee, which is definitely a bad decision.

From the latest statistics, the following countries are understandably good friends of the Chinese people:
Russia, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Morocco and Iraq who have declined invitations to attend the peace prize ceremony.

China should send commendation letters and further strengthen and deepen brotherly relations with these countries.

And without forgetting the strong allies of China – Pakistan, North Korea and Myammar.

There are a large number of countries who are sitting on the fence and deciding whether to attend the ceremony like the countries in ASEAN and Latin American countries.

As usual, the “enemies’ of China and its people will be the US and most of the Western countries including Japan. China should devise strategies to move away from depending on these countries. Japan as usual has no guts but had to rely on its protector, the US.

I have read a proposal from China that this is a good opportunity and China’s civil society to consider setting up a “Confucius Peace Prize,” launching the evaluation and selection and finding the real Peace Prize winners from all over the world.

I believe this is the best opportunity for the Chinese people to declare China’s view in peace and human rights to the world free of Western influence.

Through such evaluation and selection, people around the world can have the most direct, sensible and comparative opportunity to observe, analyze and understand the Eastern and Western values.

Let see how Norway is able to rise up to the challenge.


Beway said...

Confucius Peace Prize. Great, we support China if the award can be given to dissidents from the West as well

China Watcher said...

What I am most unhappy is the way the Westerners are making use of the Peace Prize as a tool to promote its liberal democracy. China should use its influence to put the peace prize in the correct perspective and not followed the West in awarding it to dissidents and show to the world that it is not a tit-for-tat kinda of thing.