Friday, July 31, 2015

Beijing winning the host right to Winter Olympics 2022 is a snub for USA and EU

Just heard the news that Beijing has won the rights to host the Winter Olympics 2022 by a narrow margin of 44 to 40. Whatever it is, it is still a win. Congratulations to China and all genuine Chinese people of the world. The West opposition led by the US and the allies against the China bid has failed.

I am very sure that the bloody USA voted against China, which also includes Japan and some European nations. Britain has congratulated China and I sense that they may be the odd one out. The Russians, African Union and Latin American countries have strongly voted for China. Thanks for their support.

I am now laughing at the many human right activists who campaign against China., supported by none other than the U.S, Japan, Italy, Spain and the Scandanavian countries.

A big snub no doubt, and I can now rest in bed for a good sleep. For the many Chinese who still thinks that the US is an angel, pleases wake up. As for Japan, there is always the cold treatment. Japan power is derived from the support of the US. If you take this away, Japan is useless.