Saturday, December 1, 2012

China must be wary of US moves to check China

If you ask me who is the biggest crook and two timer, it is the US and the Chinese people under the present government must be strong in its resolve to challenge the US might in the Pacific. The US is strong and it does not mean it cannot be defeated.

If there is an outbreak of 3 world war which i think is imminent, make sure the US is also demolish, but make sure the few Japs Islands should go down first.

China, please develop more submarine laden nuclear sub with more nuclear capability to strike any part of the US.

Don't kid yourselve, the US is the greatest enemy of the Chinese people. Wake up.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Western Media especially the US are jealous of China Success in Space Program

I have not been writing much lately as the China bashing has tone down quite a fair bit.

First of all. congratulations to China, once again, for pursuing a space program to put a Space Station in space.

I would also like to extend the resolve and strong determination of the Chinese people to develop its own space basic technology, without assistance of the Western powers, who are so bloody afraid to share its sacred technology for two main reasons:

1. China is govern by a one-party autocratic government and Communist..of which the US people has a very clear phobia because they perceived themselves to represent the other extreme...liberty and full of righteous behaviour..which I really doubt so other than controlled by the media and the few so-called bright Congressman. 2. China is not a Cacausion based country..sad but true..even Japanese who worship the West so much cannot even buy the latest jets from USA. Why? Because they are not CAUCASIAN based simple as that. I am not a racist..but this is the sad fact.

China, which has been left out of the Space Station activities because of who? YES. You are damn right. The stiff opposition of the main domineering partner and self appointed POLICEMAN of the world, the US and nobody else. Even the Russians had at one time suggested inviting the Chinese but it was SINGLY SHOT DOWN by the USA.

China has proven that it can develop its own space technology albeit 40 years late but it is always BETTER LATE THAN NEVER and that NO NATION WILL IMPART ANY MILITARY BASED TECHNOLOGY TO YOU. With that, I think the Chinese has got this right.

Most Western Media are quite receptive of the Chinese success in its space program except CNN and TIME magazine, two biggest media conglomerate from non other than the US. Time has sarcastically suggested that Chinese SPACE TECHNOLOGY is so backward and that the US and the Soviets have mastered it 40 years ago and that this feat is just a picnic for the US now. This really sound like a tinge of jealously. And it goes on to imply that the acquisition of this high end technology is for military use and nothing else.

It does not matter what the West said, China must develop its own path since there is no sincerity of the West to pass high level technology to you after all, China is still being barred from buying high tech from the West since the Tiananmen Incident in 1989 (23 years ago).

Other than Korean's Samsung, I hope China will provide an alternative to the West in the development of useful and leading edge technology to mankind in the near future.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Australian Tennis 2012

By China Watcher

I was pleased to note the fantastic recovery of Djokovic in beating Andy Murray at the marathon match which was telecast live on TV. Every time, a British or a US player is unable to retrieve a shot, I will cheer wildly.

I like Serbian, Czech and Russian players, as long as it is not from the USA, UK, Germany, France and Italy which I believe always think very highly of themselves. As for Australians, they are considered neutral.

I wish that there would be more Asian players, particularly more "Li Na" to dominate the tennis scene in the near future.

Uighur and Tibetan Affairs are China Internal Policies

By China Watcher

Recently, the press particularly from the Western world are pleased to become the mouthpiece of the Uighurs Independence movement which is located non other then the arch enemies of the Chinese people, the USA.

The press freely claimed that two Uighurs had been sentenced to life and a few other had been put on the death panalty. Where are the evidences? Just listening to the liars from the Uighurs external trouble makers is what I have noted from ATP, CNN and other western media whose credibility are not to be taken at face value.

I like to reiterate that China Xinjiang policies are China's internal affairs for the Chinese to decide and not for the Western world to demand a hearing. If the Uighurs had broken Chinese laws there should be punish to the full extent of the law especially the involvement in the killing of the Han Chinese.

Just like what had also been published these few months on the self-burning of the Tibetans. It is just a stupid idea and I think these people are downright stupid. Maybe, the Han Chinese can just built a square specifically for them it these people want to sacrifice themselves.

The Tibetans can just forget about independence and the Han Chinese numbering 1.3 billion would not allow this even with Western assistance.

By the way, I am a Buddhist and I have no sympathy for the stupid Tibetans.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

BBC is up to its tricks again

By China Watcher

Yesterday night I was reading the news from BBC on the Taiwan recent concluded Presidential Election, of which Mr. Ma Ying Jeo, the incumbent, has secured another 4 year term, with the majority of the Taiwanese people wanting to continue the peaceful cross straits policies as initiated by Taiwan with the support of the mainland government.

The writer, a person of caucasian origin, obviously does not understand much about the Chinese people by making poor remarks and insinuating that President Ma policies towards China is too "friendly" and this cause a drop in the popularity vote from 58% to 51%. If analysis was carefully done, it is important to note that there is a third candidate from the ruling Kuomintang party which may have taken some of the votes from Mr. Ma. The DPP's candidate only managed to garner 46%, which is not much of an improvement. I believe this chap and most of the Western media, do have obvious hidden agenda to instigate and divide the Chinese people so that the threat towards Western civilization is minimized.

There is no other way but for Taiwan to peacefully co-exist with China whose people shared a common bond, both with cultural and language similarities until a solution can be found perhaps, in the next 50 years.

It is up to the Chinese people and only Chinese people alone who will decide the outcome of what is to happen to China and Taiwan. So my advice, is for people of caucasian origin to stop interfering with the affairs of the Chinese people.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Malaysian Sports Media tried to provoke hate against Chinese Badminton Players

By China Watcher

Chinese badminton players have been dominating the international badminton circuit in almost all major badminton tournament leaving the rest of the countries behind. Malaysia, an avid badminton nation with lots of fans, has yet to uncover any world unbeatable player. The only bright spark is that it has a gem in the name of Lee Chong Wei. The rest of the players just make up the numbers.

What the Malaysian media failed to realize is that although the number of people playing badminton is probably a sizeable million but when compared to China it is as high as the population of Malaysia, that is, around 28 million. So the vast talents can be uncovered from the big base.

But Malaysian media always write to think very highly of its only "GEM' and sometimes it has become more like a self pleasing exercise.

And these media always tried to stir up rivalry between its no 1 men single player and the rest of the Chinese badminton players. Even the crowd at the current Malaysian Open is not there to support the better player but to create an anti-Chinese environment.

I do understand Chong Wei is a good player but then the media is singing so loud as though he is the best player (men single) in the world. Though the world's fan voted him as the most popular player, I sense that the poll did not take into consideration the Chinese voting public since the world badminton site does not have a mirror in mandarin. So we can actually discount the popularity poll which is taken only from the english speaking crowd.

To me, as a badminton fan myself, Lin Dan is still the best player in the world.