Thursday, October 14, 2010

What new pressure is the West talking about over the Nobel Prize

By China Watcher

It really amazes me how the Western media continue to twist the issue to its own advantage by claiming that there is new pressure over the Nobel laureate.

Taking comments from the Japanese Prime Minister, the US and possibly the voice from EU in Brussels and another comment from Norway over the cancellation of meetings with two small time diplomats, the media tried desperately to portray and exaggerate the situation as though the pressure on China is so great that China will need to change. A clear case of trying to mislead the reader to think that this is what is happening.

First and foremost, the criticisms are mainly from WESTERN NATIONS (make up of not more than 30 nations) and also, from a US “protectorate” JAPAN. They do not represent the WORLD. So where is the PRESSURE!

Secondly, a lot of Third World countries (160 independent nations) have not made any comments on the awards. Silent meant that they do not agree with the West. One possibly reason is that its own dissidents would someday be given the JUNK AWARD if they do not toe the Western way of livings or standards like what happened in Cuba and Venezuela.

I like to state here, that the JUNK AWARD has no impact on China. China should continue to ignore what the Norwegian government has commented or will said in the near future as it will have no bearing on its relationship with the rest of the world.

Let the Norwegian government think about the repercussions of its wrongful decision. The Sino- Norwegian ties is just not worth the trouble.

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