Saturday, October 9, 2010

What Nobel Prize? A piece of Western Junk!

By China Watcher

If you witnessed every year on the award of Nobel Prizes for Sciences like Chemistry and Physics, the winners are mostly people of Caucasian background with perhaps, one or two Japanese who are known to be very gullible for things that are Western. Does this really mean that the people of other backgrounds other than the Caucasian people are not intelligent or creative enough to win such awards? Why? If you can do just a bit of research and find out who are behind these awards you will have the right answers. Yes, the Committees (decision makers) of these awards are made of persons appointed by the Swedish government and sponsored by the US and big Western companies. Don’t ask me the reason but somehow the world press (mostly Western media) has given so much authority to Sweden, a small European nation, who is very proud of themselves as intelligent beings and civilized people of this earth.

And the Nobel Prize is administered by the Norwegian parliament, another small Viking nation whose elected representatives consist of only 5 million inhabitants. The reason why this award is given so much recognition is also due to the flow of information controlled by the mostly Western media. As people of the Third World and the developing nations, representing 2/3 of the population of the world, the question I would like to pose is why should we be easily influenced by these awards which is to spread Western influence and its’ so called universal values into our civilized societies. (“WHY” here means Third World and Emerging Nations).

The award of the Peace Prize to Third World countries dissidents is not new and yesterday prize given to Liu Xiaobo is not a surprise. The West hope that by giving this award it will spur democratic changes in China and that the Western standard of human rights are adopted in the most populous nation. I have stated this many times – the change to the political structure in China is up to the Chinese people and that being an ancient country with a strong asian values and age-old tradition, it will take a while. It is not up to a few sparkling individuals promoted by the West to champion the downfall of the one party rule. The Chinese people in groups will have the final say and it is also up to the Chinese people to develop its own brand of democracy which may not be similar to the West.

The award of such prize will normally have no impact on the country concerned of which it is directed and if you run through the list of dissidents awarded, did you see any change to the ruling government. A big NO. The award perhaps will do its part to excite the human right activists and lovers.

Following the award, some of world WESTERN political leaders call for the release of the imprisoned dissident. Take note of the world – only WESTERN. And the interviews published by the Western media only focus on those few human right activists certified persona-non-grata by the Chinese government like Desmond Tutu, Dalai Lama and of course, the foolish Lech Walesa. Why only now? Shouldn’t this be a continuous call if they are serious about it? The hypocrisy demonstrated is really unbecoming.

Beijing have every right to make a very strong representation over the case. Liu Xiaobo is just a normal criminal based on Chinese laws and I call for China to downgrade its bilateral relations with Norway. This is one of the many acts of the West to demonize China and its people and people of Chinese origin throughout the world should take note of this.

If you are an Asian and you want to win the Nobel Prize, just become a famous dissident and you will be rewarded handsomely by the West. Winning the other Sciences prizes are difficult because you may need to turn yourselves into a Caucasian performing research in a Western university.

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Jatien said...

Russia said that the Nobel Peace Prize is a Western political tool. Very well said indeed. Western human right activists can continue to dream on if they think the Western junk will have an impact on China. May China continue its own democratic advancements with Chinese characteristics.