Monday, August 31, 2009

Western media provides good publicity to the Dalai Lama’s Taiwan visit

By China Watcher

The Dalai Lama visit to Taiwan is clearly a political ploy by the opposition, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to create trouble for the administration of Taiwan leader, Ma Ting-jeou. He was invited by seven mayors and local government chiefs from the DPP, where the party quietly has the support of mostly Western organization and its media.

The Taiwanese leader is being criticized for the handling of the devastating typhoon which killed 571 people and the approval was given to appease to the residents for his declining popularity.

The Western media attempt to stir up the Chinese population by making statement that the Taiwanese government snubbed China’s government opposition by approving the visit. This is not the case. The reason behind this was the various attempts by the independence leaning DPP to create instability in the current government in its effort to win over the votes of the people.

China should take note of these few mayors and the people behind the visit and use its political and world’s influence to ensure that these trouble-makers lives would be a difficult one ahead. I am disappointed that these people are traitors to a united China and are playing into the hands of the Western agenda to see a “broken-up’ China. The Dalai Lama, as his usual self, will not reject such a golden opportunity to promote his independence cause under his Tibetan monastery rule.

The Western media is also delighted to provide the publicity to the spiritual leader and to try to portray China as a bully. Sadly, some of the South East Asia media are also openly providing good coverage mimicking Western media namely Channel News Asia, Media Corp, a company based in Singapore. The company is probably headed by a pro-Western editor who I believed had an agenda to promote human rights in Asia but I do not see any article which is critical of the host country. Why? I am sure you know the reason.

It is a blow to the Western world and its media that the Taiwanese leader would not meet the religious leader, which is to play down the importance of the visit and also, to ensure that the visit is more for humanitarian purpose and NOT POLITICAL of which the Western media and its supporters are hoping for.

About 30 people of Taiwan’s non-Han aboriginal community demonstrated outside his hotel Monday, accusing the Dalai Lama of politicking. They told the press that if the religious leader has a heart for the victims, he should not be staying in a big and comfortable hotel.

Well said.

Chinese H1N1 flu vaccine will challenge Western firm strangleholds

By China Watcher

It is certainly pleasing news this week that the Chinese drugmaker Sinovac will market its H1NI shot at 30 percent cheaper than those offered by Western firms like US pharmaceuticals group Baxter, France's Sanofi-Pasteur, Switzerland's Novartis and Britain's GlaxoSmithKline.

Firstly, it will make the drug available to the less affordable and secondly, it will break the monopolistic hold of western drug companies on poor and developing nations.

In addition to its cheaper price tag, the Sinovac’s H1N1 flu vaccine works after just one dose whereas the Western requires two.

The vaccine currently is undergoing local regulator testing for the right to commercialize the drug after the clinical trials at Sinovac lab had proven to be effective to counter the H1N1 virus.

Expected production rate may not be as fast as the bigger western funded pharmaceutical companies but it is a sure promising sign that at least a non Western company is giving a fight to the West dominated world in which the global’s pharmaceutical industry is largely controlled by US and European firms.

I always feel that China’s biotechnology research and drug development is not too far off from its Western peers.

I congratulate China in this project and I wish that this is the beginning to the production of many more alternatives and options for the world to choose rather than depending on the West.

The future is in Asia.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chinese unity in the face of Western society in the promotion Xinjiang independence

By China Watcher

I am certainly very proud of Chinese unity in the face of the Australian organizer stubbornness in staging the nation’s biggest film festival by inviting Chinese dissident, Rebiya Kadeer to officiate a film about her life.

Obviously, this dishonest and self proclaimed leader of her tribe would use the opportunity to seek Western sympathizers towards her cause for independence from China. As usual, the West’s hidden political agenda is to continue using the current platform of allowing mostly Chinese dissidents and “outcast” in an attempt to portray a “failed” China both politically and socially in order to reduce the perceived Chinese threat to the present Western dominated societies.

The Western film organizers choose to defend the rights of individuals and said that the invitation is only for the promotion of the film festival but they were completely ignorant of the fact that this woman is a “hated face” in China and the invitation is actually in total disregards and disrespect for the many Han Chinese throughout the world, including overseas Chinese. This woman would certainly use the ongoing publicity in conjunction with the festival to highlight not the FILM but her very own political adventures, which was why the Chinese government has lodged a solemn representation against her visit.

To date, seven directors not only from China but Hong Kong and Taipei have pulled their work as well as its sponsorship from the Melbourne International Film Festival. The directors were clearly not happy with the attendance of this controversial political figure and the showing of the film “Ten Conditions of Love”, a documentary about her life.

Western media of late have been trying to emphasize that her attendance has actually boosted ticket sales and her writings have received good response and most likely, it is not from Asians. This is a normal staple of the Western media hidden agenda, which I am used to anyway.

A woman spokesperson of the Festival adamantly told the media that Rebiya will take her rightful role in the event and the film would be screened as usual. She also added that the act of withdrawal of the sponsors and directors are beyond her control due to circumstances beyond the directors’ control. Really! This is a very shameful and untruthful statement indeed from a one sided organizer.

China has labelled the US-based Muslim minority leader a "criminal" and accuses her of inciting recent violence in the restive Xinjiang region, which left at least 197 dead. Canberra has rebuffed Chinese objections to the visit by Kadeer, saying she is not a "terrorist" and there is no reason to exclude her.

Sino- Australian relation was strong and stable after a mandarin speaking Kevin Rudd has been elected as a PM but I have to say that the culmination of these series of negative events would bring the diplomacy to its previous level of a Tier 3 nation or worse.

I believe that the Chinese resolve on this matter is very strong and united – NO INDEPENDENCE FOR XINJIANG. Even the overseas Chinese is supportive of this matter.

How could the West be so foolish? I do not think so. Confrontational? Most likely.