Tuesday, October 6, 2009

US President was right in deciding not to meet the Dalai Lama this time

By China Watcher

The US is not succumbing to Chinese pressure to meet the religious leader. In fact, this is the first time, the US has a thinking President (and a few advisors) who would be willing to view Sino-US relations from a larger perspective as compared to the past Presidents in over two decades.

The criticisms came from the US rights activists and the anti-China US media. The US had been bombarding the Tibetan spiritual separatist with countless awards which means nothing to the world who is supportive of China. These meaningless awards are only for the Western world to appreciate. Most Asian, African and Latin American countries could not even care whether he had won the Nobel Peace Prize, or not.

The spiritual talk he is embarking on the tour of the US is only a guise of the cunning political figure and his exiled supporters who will take every opportunity to promote his independence cause and to shame China and its people. Let me remind the Western world that the fight for independence among the Tibetan exiles is not a political fight against China’s government but also a fight against all Han Chinese in mainland China and oversea Chinese throughout the world.

And every Western move to support the Dalai Lama independence and separatist activities will provoke anger and retaliation from the many Han Chinese. Of course, there would be a sporadic few in Taiwan, Hong Kong and perhaps, in Vancouver who will listen to the Dalai Lama’s plight but deep inside, I strongly believe they would not support an independent Tibet or allow an almost self governing status with foreign diplomatic rights (which was demanded in the earlier talks a few years ago) to the Dalai Lama and his cliques.

Using religion to shield his political demands is a devious ploy but that had already backfired on many occasions, and ultimately more will come to see the truth. It is only the Western governments who are providing him with the full news coverage as an international political figure. The non interference in Chinese affairs by the US this time is a right decision.

The Dalai Lama had never shown any genuine concern for the welfare of Tibetans. He is more concern of the well being of his spiritual followers who are mostly Caucasian whites. If he really cares about his fellow Tibetans, he should not have escaped to Northern India in the late 50s. As a religious leader claiming to be only interested in promoting religious affairs concerning Tibet, why is he so concern about not being able to meet a top political leader in his trip? Do you think that he and his many cohorts have a political agenda? The answer is an affirmative yes.