Thursday, December 2, 2010

Without China assistance the North Korea issue will not go away

By China Watcher

Western media has again painted a picture that the West together with its East Asia’s Marshals, Japan and South Korea (still tied to a dog noose after the Korean War because without US there is no South Korea) will be able to resolve the North Korean problems without China. The media were freely and unceasingly using words like “Reject China” and “Snub China”.

Honestly, what can these countries do to solve the broader problems involving a stubborn North Korea with an uncompromising posture? Talking tough is one thing but having to put the action into practice is another matter altogether. There is without doubt close coordination between the United States, Republic of Korea and Japan due to its intricate war linkages and hence, we are already aware of, so why is there a need to continue to highlight it. The media tried very hard to emphasize this close relationship with an agenda to show to the world that it would imply in simple meaning “we will endure the difficult situation and we rise or fall together if need be” as we have a “brotherly” relation. I am sure China is well aware of it and there are strategies to counter this type of joint force like what Russia is now doing to counter NATO expansion.

If these countries are not interested in talks, then the only way out is a full scale WAR. The large scale military manoeuvres are sure signs that the US and its “Sheriffs” are moving towards this solution. And I am sure the US is leading the two smaller protectorates into believing that it is the only alternative to remove North Korea from the big “picture”. If there is a full scale war, then the useless US President Barack Obama and his fellow Congressmen have to answer for any repercussions in the near future.

Some Congressmen have even go one step further to demand outright economic sanctions on China for not succumbing to the request of the US to pressure North Korea and also, for the perceived assistance provided towards Iranian nuclear program. I would love to see how the US is going to carry out this threat or threats.

My personal opinion is that for a peaceful resolution of the current destabilizing situation, the only way forward is through talks unless if WAR is the only way forward as promoted by the US. Without China, I do not think the problem can be resolved whatever angles the Western media would like to portray they are coming from.

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