Saturday, January 2, 2010

Full democracy will come to Hong Kong but at China’s pace

By China Watcher

Western media like AFP, Reuters have been reporting every new year concerning marching protest in Hong Kong with headlines like “thousands demand full democracy” (more like only 5,000) and way back in 2003 was even more pronounced like “Half a million on the street”. The news became a bit far fetched when the actual number was only 150,000. So much exaggeration was present that even a commoner will be able to see through the hidden and bias agenda of the Western media in siding with the pro-democracy supporters.

Hong Kong has been ruled by the British for over 100 years but there was no clamoring for full democracy but once it reverted to Chinese rule in 1997, 13 years ago, it had become an annual affair seeking to pressure the Chinese government and the locally elected government or Legislative Council.

Even though half the Council is elected, the pro-democracy camp with the funding from mainly Western non governmental bodies are not satisfied until it achieved full democracy. It is amazing that some of the leaders who are behind the protest had actually fled to Canada, in the early 90s. Many of these PR residents of their adopted countries had started to move back to Hong Kong, knowing that the economic life is better than during the colonial times and that China has kept its promise to let Hong Kong remains self- governed, are the one asking for universal suffrage, and of course with the full backing of the Western “invisible forces”.

If you read the mainly Western news on the topic, the opinions from the Hong Kong people are one-sided, as the published ones are mainly from the pro-democracy camp. I couldn’t be bothered to read the prejudicial comments. A large majority of the people is silent on the issue and there were no comments coming from the pro-China camp who are more keen on economic issues and maintaining the competitive status of the self-autonomous island under the “one-country two systems”,

Democracy is promised in Hong Kong’s constitution, and the Chinese government had mentioned that in 2007 that the territory will only get to directly elect its leader in 2017 and its legislature until 2020. Anyway, 2017 is only 7 years from today.

What is the big fuss and isn’t the roadmap to full democracy clear enough?

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