Thursday, December 26, 2013

Abe's leadership signalled the end of rapport in North Asia

By visiting the Yasukuni Shrine over the holidays, Abe is sending a message to the world that Japan is not worried about world's opinion and that they are able to make its own decision on its so called internal affairs.

To me and the rest of Asia especially of Chinese ancestry (if you called oneself - not unlike many Chinese youth who does not want to associate with anything chinese due to their upbringing), it meant a few things:

  1. That Japan is ever willing to re-militarize its army and that it is will resort to another war even though they would like to deny this. Remember what Hitler said just before WW2 that Germany did not want a war as they were hit the hardest after WW1. Then, the Polish Invasion started the whole thing. Maybe the disputed Islands will be the spark - this time around.
  2. The Japanese right wingers have taken controlled of the public.
  3. A strong rebuttal from the Japanese people that they do not accept the Japan was an aggressor in WW2 but more as a victim and a liberator. That's why the Japanese textbook is all distorted.
  4. The Japanese love hunting whales and could not care less what the world thinks.
For me, the cause of all these events is due largely to the US and A. At the end of the Second World War, the USA did not fully revamp the Japanese societies, leaving the Emperor and its supporters (the current right wingers) to dictate terms in the restructuring of its Japanese organized "yakuzu" structure. The Emperor was guilty of the inhumane crime across Asia but still was not prosecuted.

There will be no peace in Asia as long as the Abe's Administration is still around. For China, there is only one solution - prepare for war and wait for the opportunity to demolish Japan and this time, make sure it is effective - that is take out the roots. Nuke Japan for good.

Monday, December 23, 2013

The US is trying to play big brother (Taiko in chinese) in East Asia and South China Sea

There is one good article on the other side of the fence which you will not get to read from the Western Media

This is a marvelous piece of comment from Global Times for the benefit of the followers to my alternative news blog:

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Thursday criticized a Chinese vessel's encounter with US guided missile cruiser USS Cowpens as "irresponsible," and claimed the US wishes to avoid conflicts in the South China Sea. He called on China to stay prudent.

What he failed to mention is that the encounter occurred on China's doorstep, and that the US vessel trailed the Chinese aircraft carrier.

The US' overbearing accusations sharply contrast with China's comparatively late and low-profile reaction. The US has become used to its hegemony on high seas, which international society seems to tolerate, and that makes the US navy tend to forget the difference between the high sea and its territorial waters, or mistake the South China Sea with the Caribbean.

However, the South China Sea will never be the same as the Caribbean, thus the US navy will have to consider the national interests and the feelings of China while cruising in the South China Sea. The Chinese navy needs to remind the US of that difference - just because China was not capable of asserting its interests in the past doesn't mean it has given up this right.

Only by struggling will China gain its proper level of rights and strategic space, and it holds no illusions that the US will automatically cede to the Chinese Navy. The US will never pleasantly accept China's rise regardless of how China reaffirms its peaceful nature. China is not likely to stop advancing for the US' sake, either.

In the future the Chinese Navy will send more fleets further into the ocean along with the expansion of China's interests, making more conflicts with the US possible. China should avoid collisions of planes or ships with the US, but should also keep its bottom line. China needs to work out emergency plans for all possibilities. Prudence has to be used by both sides, otherwise the only option is cowardice, which is increasingly unacceptable to Chinese society.

The Chinese Navy has done a good job. However, the defense ministry hasn't been able to keep pace with the Navy's act of deterring the US vessel. Speaking has traditionally been a weak point for China, which should be strengthened.

We must see that China is still at an all-round disadvantage to the US, but China is rising and the US is in relative decline. The US is attempting to contain China's rise within its designated frame. China doesn't intentionally challenge the US, nor is it obliged to follow US rules.

Such conflicts are unavoidable yet controllable, and even necessary. China's objective should be clear, the tactics flexible, and sometimes, patience is more important than determination.

The US has been the most common actor to interpret "international responsibility." One day, China will teach the US that responsibility is not as simple as the way the US sees it.

Friday, December 13, 2013

US is equally dumb to outright make empty promises to Japan

This morning, I came across the news from a short sighted VP of the US and A that they do not recognised China's declared Air Defence Identification Zone. Well, it does sound strong on paper. But they do not understand the 2 important implications:

1. It emboldened the current Japan's conservative government stance that the big brother is behind them and thus, they do not need to discuss or find a compromising solution to the the current impasse.
2. It will stir Chinese nationalism throughout the whole of Asia and throughout the world. Although I do reside in SEA but I do feel a bit of compassion for the Chinese in China and Taiwan. The US is infuriating 1.6 billion Chinese as opposed to 120 million Japanese. This is stupid or short sighted.

By doing so, the Chinese can clearly see the true face of the USA and its motives and hidden agenda. I for one have the opinion that the USA cannot be trusted and it is better to work with the Russian (even though they are also in the same untrusted category). The Chinese government will need to work on a strategic nuclear plan - if China goes down, make sure Japan is totally annihilated and New York and Los Angel or whatever and SF is gone as well. Does the Americans want to see that happen over a declining Japan influence?

Recognition of ADIZ is two folds - if you do not recognize ours we will also not recognise yours. So Korean and Japan Air Zone's will also not be recognized by China. Two can play the same game.

China, please beef your military. The only way that I see this coming to a end and to sent a clear message to the stubborn Japanese government is to nuke them.