Friday, February 8, 2013

China should engage the Russian to counter the Japanese territorial moves

Today, there were news from Tokyoland that Russians jets have entered Japanese airspace. What airspace? The airspace surrounding Kurile Island, which is presently controlled by the Russians. The Japanese under the present hawkish government under Abe is attempting to show that there are able to counter any forms of so called "territorial claims" with their own defensive posture and also, to invite sympathy from the West especially its big brother, the US.

The Japanese have already embroiled in a fierce territorial dispute with China at the South. Can it afford to get into another dispute with the Russo Bear. It is hoping for the US to assist them in the event of an outbreak of war with either these two countries.

I personally think the Chinese and the Russian should team up to counter the offensive posture and negative lies coming from this rightist government. This present government could probably be acting from instruction from the White House or the anti-Communist movement in the Pentagon, CIA and Congress, to stir up trouble for a large scale war.

It would be interesting to see China + Russia vs US + Japan engage in a battle and let see, who will win and winners take all.

If there is a war...nuclear perhaps, your guess is my guess as well, the Land of the Rising Sun will be the first to go..... I wish so.