Friday, December 10, 2010


By China Watcher

I need to comment on this topic although it is not related to China.

It is good that the FIFA President had made a comment on the critics especially those coming from former colonist, UK on the selection of Russia as the host for FIFA World Cup in 2018. He viewed such criticisms as negative and more like the noises from a BAD LOSER. The main cause of the failure of the UK bid is due to the British media which is making inaccurate supportive insinuations and at present, it is still not willing to shoulder the blame but trying to point the finger at the selection process and the corruption within FIFA.

What a bad loser..which I had to agree in totality.

When China lost out the Olympic host bidding process to Sydney in 2000, it did not blame everyone but to build up a more sturdy and reliable presentation to bid for the 2008 Olympics of which it had won and successfully hosted.

Who is more civilized here - the Western world or China?

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