Thursday, January 14, 2016

Third World War Visions

If there is an outbreak of Third World War between US (Europe plus Japan) vs China and Russia in the future, I foresee the following outcome:
1. Japan base in Okinawa will be first to be destroyed with nuclear warheads. Pinoys US bases will also be gone. Japan and Philippines would be nuclearised for sure.
2. Shanghai and Beijing will suffer from heavy bombing with possibly a nuclear bomb each
3. China retaliate by sinking Tokyo and Osaka
4. More cities in China would be gone. Only the Western part of the country will survive the nuclear hit.
5. Japan and Philippines citizens are completely annihilated
6. China launches two nuclear strikes from its nuclear ballistic submarines from Northern Russia to New York and Washington DC. Los Angeles and San Francisco may survive but this depends on whether there are nuclear submarines from China and Russia that remained in the Atlantic Ocean.
7. Russia will strikes into Germany, France and Britain.Poland and Eastern Europe are completely devastated.
8. Western Russia is finished but the Eastern portion will be fortified.
9. Africa and South America are two continents that remained untouched.
10. Israel will strike Iran and Saudi Arabia.
11. China will move south into Vietnam and set up military bases to prevent an onslaught of US allies like Singapore and Australia. Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia would stay neutral.

Whoever rises from the ashes, they will take probably a century to rebuild societies conducive to the development of mankind.