Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is it really a mixed type of view about Google exit from China?

By China Watcher

Most of the internet comments I read from Chinese citizens in China supported the Chinese government stand to impose restrictions on the Internet. But the Western media, as usual, published a few favorable comments supporting Google decision, in an attempt to sway public opinions. Washington Post went even further with its report that 80 million Chinese netizens would be angry from Google exit. Really? What they could do is to turn to Baidu, which is home-grown and liked by the majority of its 360 million netizens. This is the type of bias reporting which can irk your nerves.

Do you really think the West is so principled that their authorities do not retrieve information from its US-owned Internet and networking companies? I have come across articles revealing that the CIA and the FBI have illegally poke its “intelligence eyes” into Google private accounts in an effort to filter those with terrorist innuendos.

Provided below is a few interesting comments taken from an online news portal on the issue:

1. Google is OK with The US Government screening every single email that go through Google's server and listening to every phone call in US and else where, but he has problem with the Chinese looking into email of couple of their citizens. I guess the human-right champion operates on double standard.

2. Google is trying do another Steven Speilberg with misinformation and making the Chinese look bad. Google now has been roped in as part of the US and British campaign to villify the Chinese. They can't accept an independent China after that veto on sanctions against Iran. Only obedient boys like the Japanese under Koizumi and others before him, are considered good boys. Besides, Google is trying to divert public's attention from their major felony of digitizing of 80,000 Chinese books without permission from its authors. The US-Anglo governments are behind all these. No question about it.

3. Never heard of a bee who is finish with a flower, hahahha... The biggest flower of them all, too. Oh Please lah. China is OK without Google, but is Google OK without China?

4. The Chinese Government never pretend they are a nice guy. All the rules are already there well before Google was formed. So, Google went into China with its' eye wide open (Singapore famous leader quote). I am wondering why Google never inform people about they allow US Government to screen every single email that go through Google's server.

I am very happy that the Chinese government has not relented on Google’s threat. I also hope that they would place a moratorium of at least 3 years on Google if they intend to crawl back into the Chinese market.

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