Monday, March 31, 2008

The West may have a planned agenda to bring China down

By China Watcher

The West especially the 300 million odd United States residents, understand China for two main things: a country which suppressed its people (amazing for a nation with 300 million internet surfers) and a place where loads of cheap, often poor quality and dangerous goods are produced and imported into their countries. Beyond that, there is a nothing coming from this nation of backward yellow stinking people who does want to play by any level playing rules and competition.

I hate to bring out the racial theme here but I dare say 80% of the Caucasian whites do have this in their mindset though they claimed that they are openly against all sorts of racial discrimination. Even in the US, the current Democrat election ticket for the White House which is fiercely contested, the race issue will eventually become an important factor in deciding the candidature. In Europe, it is the same racial discrimination of North African immigrants where the right wing politicians still promote racial based politics. If developed countries cannot even completely eliminate racial stereotypes, do you expect this to change on its many dealings with the people who have a different skin tone, narrow eyes and vastly different beliefs with contrasting cultures and mannerism? Not many Westerners truly understand this. A Westerner who resides and mingle with the Chinese people will have a far more favorable opinion of a typical Chinese as compared to one who has not set foot there.

Last century in the 70s’, the Japanese huge trade deficit with the US created a huge uproar over its massive exports that led to the rise of unemployment in the US. Labor unions and activists warned o f the "yellow peril" clamored for a higher tariff as well as a boycott of Japanese goods. In terms of size, Japan is only 1/6 of the size of China so the economic threat is magnified six times presently and, using this reason alone, you can bet how those Westerners, the activists and media will response accordingly?

The Western media, which is an important voice of the people, has an important role to play in its own societies, that is, to educate its people - that there are other types of civilization or government styles besides the Western based democracy - has virtually failed in this aspect. In fact the media has been exploited over the past 10 years by certain activist groups, the Tibetan exiles, the politicians and trade unionists to assist these self interest groups to achieve its objectives, even to the extent of perpetuating lies. The Western media using photos taken in Nepal and the cropped up images to convince its readers of the “brutality” of the Chinese government in handling violent protests are some of the evidences of Western media prejudicial and bias reporting on anything related to China. If you view any negative articles on China focusing on civil rights, I can bet you that in most occasions, the photos that accompanied the news content will always be showing a platoon of uniformed army or police holding guns marching somewhere. What are these Western media trying to imply? Yes, China is a fearful military state. Is that true? For a more detailed Western media agenda on Tibet, please visit

China is still a developing nation (the Western part of the country is still very backward) with a population size of 1.3 billion people comprising 56 ethnic racial groups although the Han Chinese alone is the majority race. Being racially and culturally divided, it is therefore a daunting challenge to manage the diverse country. China was able to raise about 400 million of its people above the poverty level within a period of just 15 years. In fact, China has pleaded with the West to leave them alone as it wanted to develop the country in a peaceful and orderly manner. But is anybody in the West listening?

The rise of a peaceful China published by the West created a lot of anxieties among the Western community who cannot believe that a country administered by communist cadres can grow and advanced so fast economically which will someday encapsulate its very own civilizations. This fear led the Western governments to counter China economic initiatives in Africa, a continent neglected by the same colonial masters for the past two centuries. There are proposals on the table to form a league of democratic nations to ward off the rise of China. The perceived fear is also translated into the increased annual military expenditure of the Chinese and the modernization of its military force. The improvement in a country’s defense is always the prerogative of a sovereign nation.

Perhaps there is a well thought plan to bring down China. One approach is to split off China so that it will not be so formidable – starting with Tibet and Xinjiang. This is why the West has been very supportive of any efforts to create unrest in the 2 regions – making statements and taking actions to rally the independence cause of the activists in the two provinces without giving any thought to the suffering of the other communities – the Han Chinese and Hui Muslims. One obvious example was the Speaker of the US House of Representatives trip to India with a one-sided viewpoint to use the violence in Tibet as an excuse to demonize the Chinese leaders.

All these past events arising from the Tibetan violence only reaffirmed the Chinese conviction that there is a hidden agenda of the Westerners and its media to try to weaken China in the medium to long term. Not many in the West truly understand China’s concern that separatists in Tibet could feed the flames of separatism in other provinces, most notably in the autonomous region of Xinjiang. Taiwan and Hong Kong are also watching the political developments earnestly to see whether this protest will lead to a weakened China whereby they could demand more concessions in any negotiations with the Chinese government. A revisit of a destabilized China in the last days of the Ching Dynasty in the early 1900s’, demonstrated how China was forced to offer territorial concessions to the Western powers and Japan in the most lop-sided agreements in history and as one historian appropriately called it as “the free wheeling and slicing of the Chinese melon”.

The West except Russia could never understand China because it does not face the problem of the division of land and the violent cry of independence by the separatist. Maybe the protest of the Quebec people in Canada, the voice for independence in New Mexico-US, the Northern Ireland demand for separation from Great Britain and the wishes of Southern France to be alienated from the France’s Federal government will wake them up.

In conclusion, "Sinophobia" as I would like to coin it for those China haters in the West will lead to a rise in hatred for anything Western by the Chinese both in China and overseas, and that certainly does not bode well for world peace in the future.

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