Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The cry for Tibetan Independence infuriates Chinese nationals and overseas Chinese

By China Watcher

Due to the Tibetan protest last week in China that turned violent, there were so many anti-China articles namely from International Herald Tribune, BBC, New York Times, Associated Press etc. Asian newspapers in certain countries which paid for its content from Western news agencies unashamedly published the same content without giving a thought to the unfair bias of such reports towards China and its people.

The Chinese voices as taken from the many Chinese bloggers were angry at such reports and there were a significant populace who actually defended the Chinese efforts to quell the riots which has resulted in the loss of lives including innocent Han Chinese who were beaten to death.

The Han Chinese makes up quite a sizeable percentage of the population of Tibet and Qinghai. Tibet, alone, has about 40% Han Chinese. Qinghai has a far larger make-up of other ethnic groups other than the Tibetans. Hence, it is important for all the races to co-exist and live together and it is just impossible to listen to the plight of the Tibetans. Without the Chinese investments to develop the backward counties and the Chinese entrepreneurial skills, Tibet will not be what it is now. Tibet is a land-locked hinterland and its survival is dependent on its sizeable and resourceful neighbor. Foreign critics claimed that there are undiscovered minerals in Tibet but most of these parts are inaccessible due to the harsh high altitude and its unforgiving climate.

Many westerners would like to see Tibet under developed so that the nature pristine of its environment is preserved but it is for who to see. – the tourist only. They also denounced Chinese efforts to teach the Tibetans a new way of life to upgrade themselves by learning Mandarin and they twisted the whole matter into what they termed as “genocide” of Tibetan culture as though they are so concern about their livelihood. But those westerners are not a stakeholder in the Tibetan Province so they should just keep their mouth quiet. If Richard Gere passionately loves the Tibetan so much, why don’t we ask him to live in Tibet with his friends? Then he will have a better story for us.

Even the Taiwanese Presidential candidate from Kuomintang began to pander to the news media by saying that he will support a boycott of the Beijing Olympics if he is elected. Perhaps, the pressure from his other political opponent who never failed to surprise me with their “childish” games was affecting his normal sound judgment.

With or without the Olympics, Tibet will remain securely under the People Republic of China. For the many Tibetan independence supporters, it will be a very long and unfulfilled dream. Please don’t wake up.

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