Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Olympic flame lit in Ancient Olympia but the Western media pays more attention to disturbances

By China Watcher

In a traditional ceremony, the flame lighting event proceeded well and it now began a worldwide tour to selected destinations, which will last 130 days and covering 137,000 kilometers.

The Western media as usual continues it anti-Chinese barbs by highlighting the disturbances and commenting deviously that the protest overshadow this particular ceremony. The minor annoyance involves a walking protest at a main street by 10 Tibetans, including a girl, whose face was covered in red paint, chanting anti-Chinese slogans. The Tibetans appeared to be so desperate that they even resort to using small children for its independence cause. If any untoward incident happened to the girl during the protest, are the Tibetan rebels willing to shoulder the responsibility and answerable to its Western sympathizers?

Later, three French members of the media rights group Reporters Without Borders, unfurled a banner and tried to seize Chinese Olympics organiser Liu Qi's microphone as he spoke at the ceremony. The violent act displayed by this group of human right activists is despicable, whom I think is a butch of hypocrites and their rude behavior was very unbecoming, more so if there are from a developed Western country. I am now having deep reservations of these human values of the West where we perceived are more civilized and that they hold the highest respect for its fellow human beings.

The “mini-war” has already been declared by the human rights activists and the exiled Tibetans to disrupt the run-up to the Beijing Olympics. With this knowledge of an announced “war”, China should use its growing influence to organize appropriate anti-protest strategies to minimize the disruption and ensure that the forthcoming Olympics to be the best in its series.

Athletics achievements, friendship and respect among civilized people should take priority in the Olympics Games and there should be no politics in sports. Otherwise, it is the sports fans and the athletes throughout the world who will suffer most if an Olympics Games cannot be staged as planned.

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