Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More countries supported China’s stand on Tibet

By China Watcher

Yesterday, the Singapore government made a bold statement strongly supporting China's stand on Tibet. In response to media queries on the situation in Tibet, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says "Singapore supports the declared policy of the Chinese government to protect the lives and property of its citizens from violent demonstrators with minimum use of force."

The ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore added that Singapore is "opposed to the politicization of the Olympics".

To date there are more than 100 countries who have expressed their understanding and support for China's handling of the Tibetan riots and this clearly shows that the majority of the international community are strongly backing Chinese action to curb the violence created by the Tibetan rebels.

The West claimed that they believe in democracy but in this situation they choose to ignore the majority. In China alone, 1 billion nationals are clearly behind the Chinese government stand.

The Western media and the human rights groups are pure hypocrites and from what I see, they choose to practice selective condemnation in their reporting. And they coordinate their efforts to attack China in every manner they could. Some of these acts have been exposed by the Chinese netizens and published in Xinhua news.

To the fence sitters, please voice your support. Do keep it coming!

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drlong said...

Bravo...Let the Beijing Olympics begin!