Friday, March 21, 2008

Two faced US is supporting criminals in Tibet

By China Watcher

Bloomberg, another US media, quoted US senior lawmaker Nancy Pelosi as saying that the world stands united with Tibet during her visit to the exiled Tibetan rebel base in Dharamsara in supporting the separation of Tibet from China. I am still wondering which WORLD that loud mouth lady was talking about.

Probably the WORLD she is referring to is the Western world only which is trying to promote a Western centric society of human goodness where everything else is bad. According to the West, the Dalai Lama is not seeking independence and is open to negotiation with the Chinese government for a political solution for the Tibetan people. So for the past 2 decades, he has been traveling to most western nations and continues to draw support from these governments to add pressure on China to achieve his objectives – only he himself knows what it is. The West strongly believed that this outcast monk is a divine person with a good heart who is committed to a peaceful solution. Wherever he goes, the West provided him with red carpet welcome befitting a leader of an independent nation. If you make a simple analysis of the situation, the official welcome mat is only given in small number of Western countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Italy, and Australia and of course the two faced US.

But over the past two weeks, he was a catalyst to all that is wrong – a riot which resulted in the death of innocent lives and if I am not mistaken a large number could be Han Chinese. If he is such a strong and reveled spiritual leader for the Tibetan people, how come he did not condemned or called for a stop to the violence, instead he used the word "cultural genocide" or "rule of terror", which are inflammatory and irresponsible. The violence took its toll with damages to large swath of public properties including the loss of lives of other ethnic groups. A Hui Moslem exclaimed that the Tibetans were the real trouble makers by disturbing the peace and burning of our Mosque. The Dalai Lama’s resignation threat following the rampage was a carefully scripted stage play for the West to notice, because a spiritual leader NEVER resign and from the text he said that if the violent continues – and he knows fully well that the protest will die off in one week. If he is a proponent of non violence, the happenings last week in Tibet definitely did not demonstrate this human virtue.

The congressional medal given by the US Congress to the Dalai Lama in 2007 was a real act of provocation to all Chinese nationals and overseas Chinese. The US speaker extolled that in the name of human rights all freedom-loving people throughout the world should speak out against China and the Chinese in Tibet constitute not only an offensive act against the Chinese government but also all Han Chinese throughout the world. From this statement, it clearly implies that she is also against the Han Chinese who moved to Tibet to earn a living. I observed from the few video clips on the Tibetan protest, the Tibetans are the ones who were very aggressive. They burned and vandalized buildings, poured acid on Han Chinese bystanders and throwing stones at the riots police. We noticed the police were restraining the crowds using protective shields. There are domestic laws in every country which must be respected and in these situations; it is clear who the criminals are.

When there are riots and illegal protests upsetting the stability of a country, it is the prerogative right of any Federal government to send police and military forces to restore law and order. In China case, paramilitary troops have moved into Tibet and the surrounding Chinese provinces where there is a huge Tibetan population like Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan to restore peace and stability. This is quite normal.

As usual, the West twisted the script by condemning the crackdown as brutal and short of labeling the Chinese as “butchers”. I am quite suspicious at the timing of the riots to the spreading of violence in three other Chinese provinces and these "peaceful protests" could have been synchronized and staged. This could be a coordinated attempt to generate as much attention to the Tibetan rebels' independence cause and smear Beijing in such a way to provoke China to act harshly, eventually resulting in a boycott of the Olympics. I deployed this devious attempt at using violence to attain its objectives and strongly supported the move by Beijing to restore stability and bring back economic activities to these areas and also, to ensure the ethnic rights of other racial groups are not infringed or denied.

The US reminds me of a two-faced creature – one side which is always smiling and the other which attempts to strike at you if you are not watchful. The US Congressmen delegation to the Tibetan rebel base in northern India is challenging the authority of the Chinese government over Tibet and in breach of the US government official recognition of Tibet as an inalienable part of China.

The Chinese government should not only condemn and criticize the provocative action but reviewed its relation with US seriously and for a start, stop cooperating with them so willingly on international issues. On the trade side, international strategies must be developed to diversify the dependence of exports to the US. Learn from the Russians, from what I see, the US is actually PLEADING with the Russians to allow them to place a strategic shield in Poland and Czech Republic.


SBF said...

Hi there.
It feels bad for the deaths of Tibetans and Han Chinese.
I dont know whether you will even publish my comment or moderate it!
Still I feel that I can paint another picture of this situation.

It seems you are seeing only the deaths of han chinese people and tibetan riotings. thats just a small part of the picture! Many Tibetans have also died. Their number are more significant to those of others.

After the Tibetan takeover by China, China has ruled the region with an Iron Fist. It has meddled badly with their religion, culture. State Education has neglected the heritage and culture of Tibetans. How can you enforce an ideology, culture over others? Isn’t this Cultural genocide ?
Tibetans think China has neglected them in all respects and just needs Tibet for its Natural resources. What has China done to change that image? Building roads, infrastructure will never be enough. Money alone won’t be sufficient. Give them religious and cultural freedom. Accept they are different from the Chinese and give them greater autonomy. Be proud of their heritage. You must give respect to earn respect. It’s only then they will feel proud to be Chinese!

Then you equate the Tibetans with Chechen rebels. Ha! Do you imagine, the Tibetan monks carry assault rifles and RPGs?
Thank the Almighty that you still haven’t faced violent resentment as in other parts of the world. Man! 50 years and still Dalai Lama pursues Diplomatic pressure as a method. He is getting old. There are signs he might be loosing control over Tibetan youths. Tibetan youth is getting restless with the Chinese. I would say nothing is yet lost. Enter in a dialogue with Dalai Lama and provide them with greater autonomy. Don’t allow the situation to explode!

Now why Dalai Lama? becoz he can reach out to Tibetans as no one else. An army can just suppress. Suppression in turn leads to further brutal and more violent activities.

Leaving all this.
When Dalai Lama called for Peace, you paint him in black. You call his camp a rebel camp. Have you ever visited that place? It’s a place where Tibetans are taught and research over their culture takes place. They pray peacefully and use western nation to mount pressure on PRC. Why give Western Nations a chance to point finger at you. 2 faced US. well keeping US and their CIA’s escapades in Tibet its justifiable. But there is some sense in the din they are creating!

You can justify use of violence and armed forces to quell the Tibetan anger for the time being. But it cannot be extinguished. This will not be over till the last Tibetan alive. Why can’t PRC give cultural, religious freedom and still retain the place ? Its tru China is the next World Power, but its hands are dirty over Dafur, Tibet and other Humar Right Issues. China need to come clean over these issues to change its image.

China Watcher said...

Thank you for your comment.

After the 5th round of talks between the Dalai Lama representative and the Chinese government ended in failure, I noticed with disgust Dalai Lama's excessive 3 demands which 1) the elimination of the presence of Han Chinese from Tibet and the surrounding provinces 2) the authority to control part defence and foreign affairs (which is the prerogative of the central government) 3) the non interference in the conduct of monkhood in the monastery (a sensitive issue which the Chinese cannot allow as the monks have shown not only to be religious but political figures). The many Western articles have perhaps influence your way of thought. I have seen Tibetan practising its festivals and its culture without any outright supression. The West loves to use threat to pressure China to follow its way of thought and I think it is the wrong approach. One example is the cancellation of aid by the German's government on the reduction of pollution in China over the Tibetan violence. The West really thinks that China is desperate for aid. Wake up! It is just a publicity stunt. I am all for dialogue with the representative of the rebel exiled government (not necessarily the Dalai Lama - he may have lost his influence) but let the situation simmer down from the boiling point and I think the Chinese government will undertake a rational solution to the crisis.

SBF said...

Yup my friend!
Thank you for posting my view.
Though some of ur views may not be in sync with me, I still like your blog. I am linking you to mine.
Mine is
I write generally on issues affecting India and like taking on the Indian political system.

With regard to your comment,
Tibetans view incursion or increase in Han Chinese population in T.A.R. as a threat. They feel Han Chinese will dilute/dissolve their culture and way of life. Chinese government must change this perception and convince that every sect can live in T.A.R. amicably. It happens everywhere! (In India, Marathis feel threatened by growing number of biharis/Upites)

Well in India, defense is shared between Union (Central) and states. Here, in Tibet's case, I am sure P.R.C will be reluctant to allow that.

Well religion, judiciary and administration must be separate for proper functioning. Yes religion and politics have got close in case of Tibet. That’s because the political system there was rudimentary when the movement began. The way to sort it out is by allowing Tibetans to participate more in system, make them part of the progress China is having and give them greater religious freedom.
Tibetans will then look at the Communist Party's Leaders as their representatives.
Tibetans will then feel that they are now much safer and will be proud to be Chinese.
Now with western world.
It’s like this; majority of the western world never has faced partition or division. Hence it’s easy for them to advocate division or independence. I am not for Tibetan Independence as I feel Tibet will be better within China. Also, I think Tibet has no chance to secede. Look, even Dalai Lama has changed his stance from independence to greater autonomy. He understands the situation and is willing to talk. If China starts respecting Him, half the problem itself will be solved. Majority of Tibetans still hold him as their leader. Don’t leave any stone unturned to solve this problem by peace.

Western World is in Decline. A thing they find it tough to accept. All these Western Countries in their yesteryears have committed genocides and other war crimes. Biggest of them is US and their dirty CIA. With operations ranging from Contras in Central/Latin America to renditions in Europe to funding of jihadists in Central Asia to Vietnam/Korea, they have fiddled every where!
Yes it is true! They are not clean!
However what sets them apart is their freedom - Freedom of religion, speech, thoughts etc. The press there has the guts and will power to take on government and their administration. This is what makes the difference. (Sometimes even they do get biased). Transparency and freedom from undue government interference is needed.

Also, you have talked of aid withdrawal. I don’t think China can be pressured by such tactics. Almost all countries have large trade deficit (running into millions and billions) with China. No country can boycott China and still progress ahead unscathed. China in its capacity as a world power and its high influence over Sudan must work earnestly and bring about a change in Darfur. No use complaining that west has done little or nothing. The ball is on China’s side. The people of Darfur need all the help possible. If China fails in it, it will create a permanent dent in its image as a world power. Well, China has got a lot to work on its image restoration. Some nations view China as a Job usurper. They view Chinese goods as low quality and toxic made just to be dumped in other nations and kill the local market. Majority of Indians haven’t still got over the 1962 defeat and view China with suspicion. The old Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai has to be revived.