Friday, March 28, 2008

China should blacklist unfriendly nations

By China Watcher

Two backward European countries trying to champion the disguised human rights cause of the Tibetans have indicated that they will stay away from the Beijing Games opening ceremony on 8 August 2008 because of China’s action against the Tibetan criminals.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus announced a personal boycott Wednesday, but said his decision was unlikely to weigh heavily on the Chinese government. Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk on Thursday also pledged to stay away from the games opening ceremony but he still think that his country has a lot of political leverage. The Western media took this golden opportunity to announce that Poland and Czech Republic have decided to boycott the Games. Once again, if we look at the bigger picture, the Czech leader said that it is a personal boycott and the other leader comes from a country which was almost annihilated during the Nazi invasion in the Second World War. It is best I do not comment on that country any further. My question: Why boycott the opening ceremony only, and if the two leaders feel so right about their opinion just tell their athletes to stay away as well? They will not be missed.

I have stated earlier that China has to be prepared for a total boycott of the Games by Western nations like US, Germany, United Kingdom, France and perhaps a few more European nations and the Chinese government must conduct a review and withdraw the invitations to these leaders in those countries most likely to follow a boycott. Did China invites those obnoxious politicians or is it required under IOC rules? If politicians stay away from sports event it would be better as it will be less political and I do not think it is a warning as the right groups claimed.

With the human right groups and the Western media pushing for their agenda of a boycott, it saddened me to note that it has became a political tool of the Western politicians. The Olympics which is supposed to be a major sports event for athletes and fans throughout the world has been hijacked by the West for a political cause.

Other than the US due to its economic and political influence, China should not be blackmailed and told to do this and that by these countries who in terms of population or land size in aggregate cannot even compare to that of the Chinese.

I would like to urge the Chinese government to take note of these countries actions and grade them accordingly like what the US comes out annually - a watch list of unfriendly nations under Tier 1, 2 or 3.

China should use its present economic power to its advantage and offer trade concessions and promote investments to those countries friendly with China. The policy to economically engage with Latin America, African countries, Middle East, Asian nations should be pursued more aggressively to diversify the trades away from Europe and US in due course. Anyway, the world economic swings from Western developed countries to BRIC has already set in – the European countries are on the way down. And the rise of Asia – notably China, India, Russia and Brazil will dominate the world’s economy in 40 years time.

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