Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kuomintang Party claims back Presidency in Taiwan

By China Watcher

It is Saturday, 22th of March 2008. The Kuomintang Party 's (KMT) candidate, Ma Ying-jeou has soundly beaten Frank Hsieh, the Democratic Progressive Party's (DPP) challenger with a 58 % vote compared to 41.5% for the President post, a large difference of nearly 17%. The Election Commission announced that the turnout was 76 percent. This completes the annihilation of the DPP which has now lost both the position of President and the Legislature.

Economic issues take priority over the play up concerns of the events after the recent Tibetan protest. The DPP knows very well they have fumbled in managing the economy for the past 8 years under Mr. Chen Shui Bin and as such, had childishly played up the fear of the Taiwanese public of a "bullying" China and the perceived good rapport the KMT had with the mainland government. This time around the Taiwanese people are much smarter and voted for someone who could turn the economy around which was sluggish with a high unemployment rate.

A vote for the KMT is an approval for Ma to expand economic ties and also, to enhance direct transportation links with the mainland, The people has spoken and they wanted peace and not take a confrontational stance on its relations with China, much to the disappointment of the Western media who wishes to create a condition of enmity in order to create a buffer for all freedom loving people, as we can deduce from the many China bashing news and articles. There is no threat to the evolving democracy as the West has mentioned in its news report. The recent article from the Western media on the closure of the voting gap between the two candidates from a high of 20% to nearly 5% as a result of the so-called "brutal" crackdown of the Tibetans criminals, did not turn out as expected much to the chagrin of the Westerners.

Ma's victory also signified an end to the DPP's presidential reign and it is important for the KMT's government to initiate legal corruption proceedings, once Mr. Chen steps down officially as President of the Taiwan. The outgoing President and his family will lose all the immunity protection and he and his family cannot delay any more for justice to take its rightful place. The people's vote also demonstrated that they wanted a clean government.

Though the new Taiwan's President-designate may stick to the status quo of a free Taiwan on one side with Mainland China on the other side, the resumption of mutual beneficial dialogue between the two sides is a step in the right direction. We hope to see more development of trusts to resolve the ideological differences, a legacy problem which can only be resolved by the Chinese people and without any inteference from the meddling West, especially the US.

Congratulations to the KMT!

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