Thursday, March 6, 2008

Japanese right-wing activists opposed the warming of ties between China and Japan

By China Watcher

Prime Minister of Japan, Yasuo Fukuda, is a pragmatic politician, who believes in the deepening of Sino-Japan ties for peace and stability in Asia and the World. The recent warming of ties between the two countries is affected to a certain extent over the disputes in the handling of the poisoning of imported frozen dumplings whereby 10 persons were reportedly sickened.

There was conclusive evidence to indicate that the poisoning issue was deliberate. China claimed that the packaging could have been tampered in Japan. We suspect that this could be the work of either the anti-Japanese groups who feel that the Japanese has not atoned to the sufferings it caused during the Second World War especially in China or the right-wing activists in Japan who will oppose anything to do with China.

Yesterday, a right-wing activist from Osaka died shortly after shooting himself in the head with a pistol in front of the Diet building in central Tokyo. The man was believed to be unhappy with the present Prime Minister in forging good relations with China.

I am of the opinion that this suicidal person is representing a larger group of right-wing conservatives who are debating within the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to at least sidetrack Japan’s plan to warm up to China.

I have always maintained that it is crucial and strategic for Japan to build a good rapport with China for the fact that the countries are close to each other and also, the increased political and economic dynamics that is pointing favorably towards China. On the part of China, the relationship will strengthen Asian solidarity and brings benefits to the whole of Asia.

The LDP’s leadership must continue to defend its moderate stance and not allowed the right wing camp to takeover the running of the government. It will be sad if such a thing happened. There is so much to gain mutually from a strong Sino-Japan relation.

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