Friday, January 1, 2010

Going into 2010

By China Watcher

It has been a great year which we had seen China’s growing world economic power and political influence amid Western continuous pressure to stifle its progress by insisting on a Yuan revaluation, trade protectionism and also, the demand to adopt the Western code of human right practices.

All these hiccups would not go away and is expected to be on the increase and worse still, there are certain Asian countries which allowed its societies to be totally subjected to Western culture and its way of life. The youths of today are exposed to lots of Western propaganda in the form of movies, books, literatures and of course, from the Net which are assimilated wholesale without any thoughts of it being good or bad.

China will continue to lead the challenge against Western ideology and its pressure to submit to a Western order of the day in the next few decades. The Western media had been largely responsible for painting a negative image of China and that is the reason this blog is born in the first place.

For the brand new year, I hope that China would be successful in curbing corruption practices and reduce it to a manageable level and also, to properly handle its worsening environment, both are by-products of a country trying to catch up with the West.

Happy New Year 2010!

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