Friday, December 13, 2013

US is equally dumb to outright make empty promises to Japan

This morning, I came across the news from a short sighted VP of the US and A that they do not recognised China's declared Air Defence Identification Zone. Well, it does sound strong on paper. But they do not understand the 2 important implications:

1. It emboldened the current Japan's conservative government stance that the big brother is behind them and thus, they do not need to discuss or find a compromising solution to the the current impasse.
2. It will stir Chinese nationalism throughout the whole of Asia and throughout the world. Although I do reside in SEA but I do feel a bit of compassion for the Chinese in China and Taiwan. The US is infuriating 1.6 billion Chinese as opposed to 120 million Japanese. This is stupid or short sighted.

By doing so, the Chinese can clearly see the true face of the USA and its motives and hidden agenda. I for one have the opinion that the USA cannot be trusted and it is better to work with the Russian (even though they are also in the same untrusted category). The Chinese government will need to work on a strategic nuclear plan - if China goes down, make sure Japan is totally annihilated and New York and Los Angel or whatever and SF is gone as well. Does the Americans want to see that happen over a declining Japan influence?

Recognition of ADIZ is two folds - if you do not recognize ours we will also not recognise yours. So Korean and Japan Air Zone's will also not be recognized by China. Two can play the same game.

China, please beef your military. The only way that I see this coming to a end and to sent a clear message to the stubborn Japanese government is to nuke them.


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