Thursday, November 28, 2013

Japan is attempting to play innocent

On 23 November 2013, China declared an airspace above the East China Sea to be a part of a new Chinese “Air Defence Identification Zone”, or ADIZ, that is, all aircraft intending to enter the zone had to file flight plans with the Chinese authorities, maintain radio communications and follow whatever instructions Chinese controllers chose to issue.

From the picture of the the two intersecting zones of the new ADIZ and the existing Japan's very own ADIZ, it seems that China set its up to roughly mirror the intrusiveness of the Japanese zone. They are essentially mirror images of each other in the East China Sea. I thought it looked strange at first but now it makes a lot of sense. Both zones extend unnecessarily far from their home territory. Both include the "Diaoyu/Senkakus" and both come within roughly the same distance of Taiwan/South Korea.

My logical reasoning is that if Japan can get away with its own ADIZ and without any comments or objections from its "father', the US and A, during the 1980s then why should they make so much qualms about China's pronouncement.

The simple truth is that Japan is its so-called ALLY and China is a competitor or branded "communist enemy". It is as simple as that.

South Korea only commented on the small islet which was drawn in within the newly proclaimed ADIZ and this should not be a big fuss but the Western media trumped this as an objection. The Koreans realised that it needs China to stabilize the situation on the Korean Peninsula and China is an important stakeholder and NOT JAPAN.

Philippines another lackeys of the USA joined the fray by stating its concern of potentially China's declaration of another ADIZ in South East Asia. It has no interest in the East China Sea and hence, should refrain from making comments on China's ADIZ. They are probably being asked to do the protest by US and A , the world's troublemaker. Similarly, Australia another lackey of the USA has earlier being asked to voiced their small little protest.

It is ironic that Japan would choose to deny that the islands are disputed. They themselves claimed several of the southern Kuril Islands which are held by Russia, who uses the exact same tact: that the islands are not actually in dispute. I suppose this is just how the game is played.

China must continue to strengthen its military, not only, to fight a war with Japan but must also prepare to go the long way of a nuclear war with the USA.

If Beijing. Shanghai is gone....Tokyo and the surrounding will go first and don't discount the fact that LA and NewYork will be sunk as well. Thats' the whole truth.

Activate the nuclear submarines!

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