Thursday, December 26, 2013

Abe's leadership signalled the end of rapport in North Asia

By visiting the Yasukuni Shrine over the holidays, Abe is sending a message to the world that Japan is not worried about world's opinion and that they are able to make its own decision on its so called internal affairs.

To me and the rest of Asia especially of Chinese ancestry (if you called oneself - not unlike many Chinese youth who does not want to associate with anything chinese due to their upbringing), it meant a few things:

  1. That Japan is ever willing to re-militarize its army and that it is will resort to another war even though they would like to deny this. Remember what Hitler said just before WW2 that Germany did not want a war as they were hit the hardest after WW1. Then, the Polish Invasion started the whole thing. Maybe the disputed Islands will be the spark - this time around.
  2. The Japanese right wingers have taken controlled of the public.
  3. A strong rebuttal from the Japanese people that they do not accept the Japan was an aggressor in WW2 but more as a victim and a liberator. That's why the Japanese textbook is all distorted.
  4. The Japanese love hunting whales and could not care less what the world thinks.
For me, the cause of all these events is due largely to the US and A. At the end of the Second World War, the USA did not fully revamp the Japanese societies, leaving the Emperor and its supporters (the current right wingers) to dictate terms in the restructuring of its Japanese organized "yakuzu" structure. The Emperor was guilty of the inhumane crime across Asia but still was not prosecuted.

There will be no peace in Asia as long as the Abe's Administration is still around. For China, there is only one solution - prepare for war and wait for the opportunity to demolish Japan and this time, make sure it is effective - that is take out the roots. Nuke Japan for good.

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