Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Turkey mends ties with China

By China Watcher

Turkish special envoy to the Prime Minister, Zafer Caglayan has conveyed a very eventful and bonding message which states that Turkey understands the measures which China took to deal with the Xinjiang unrest on July 5 2009. This means that China’s decision to send its paramilitary forces to ensure stability and prevent further bloodshed between two ethnic races in China is the correct move. The West reportedly called this action as “a suppression act” which I totally disagree.

The extended warm friendship is without doubt came about after the Turkish government truly understood the actual situation in Xinjiang on that day and NOT from the twisted and highly spun news coming from the West, where its sources are readily and conveniently taken from the Uighur International Council, a body with a publicized aim at seeking independence from China.

The Turkish’s envoy also stressed its country’s opposition to any form of separatism in China and said that the two countries should expand trade and diplomatic ties. This is a blow to the supporters of Rebiya Kadeer, a self proclaimed dissident and her hordes of so-called “supporters’ mainly from Western agencies and organization. The main objective of the independence group is to disrupt the stability in the autonomous region in order to garner world’s sympathy to its plight and to secure a meeting with the Chinese authorities.

The Uighurs were being instigated and manipulated by the external-based separatist movement and there were evidences confirming this matter, supported by the few non coercive statements made by Rebiya’s own family members. I am of the view that the Uighurs are being told to target the country’s dominant Han Chinese in its mission to create instability among the various races. I strongly believe every Chinese – whether it is in China or overseas - should take note of this unhealthy trend.

The Chinese government must stand firm and continue with its development plan for Xinjiang, which has brought a certain measure of success economically over the past decade, though further improvement is needed to bring the status of the Uighurs on par with the local Han Chinese.

I wish the Chinese people of Uighur descent would boldly accept this promising challenge and contribute to the overall well being of a united Chinese society.

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