Monday, August 31, 2009

Western media provides good publicity to the Dalai Lama’s Taiwan visit

By China Watcher

The Dalai Lama visit to Taiwan is clearly a political ploy by the opposition, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to create trouble for the administration of Taiwan leader, Ma Ting-jeou. He was invited by seven mayors and local government chiefs from the DPP, where the party quietly has the support of mostly Western organization and its media.

The Taiwanese leader is being criticized for the handling of the devastating typhoon which killed 571 people and the approval was given to appease to the residents for his declining popularity.

The Western media attempt to stir up the Chinese population by making statement that the Taiwanese government snubbed China’s government opposition by approving the visit. This is not the case. The reason behind this was the various attempts by the independence leaning DPP to create instability in the current government in its effort to win over the votes of the people.

China should take note of these few mayors and the people behind the visit and use its political and world’s influence to ensure that these trouble-makers lives would be a difficult one ahead. I am disappointed that these people are traitors to a united China and are playing into the hands of the Western agenda to see a “broken-up’ China. The Dalai Lama, as his usual self, will not reject such a golden opportunity to promote his independence cause under his Tibetan monastery rule.

The Western media is also delighted to provide the publicity to the spiritual leader and to try to portray China as a bully. Sadly, some of the South East Asia media are also openly providing good coverage mimicking Western media namely Channel News Asia, Media Corp, a company based in Singapore. The company is probably headed by a pro-Western editor who I believed had an agenda to promote human rights in Asia but I do not see any article which is critical of the host country. Why? I am sure you know the reason.

It is a blow to the Western world and its media that the Taiwanese leader would not meet the religious leader, which is to play down the importance of the visit and also, to ensure that the visit is more for humanitarian purpose and NOT POLITICAL of which the Western media and its supporters are hoping for.

About 30 people of Taiwan’s non-Han aboriginal community demonstrated outside his hotel Monday, accusing the Dalai Lama of politicking. They told the press that if the religious leader has a heart for the victims, he should not be staying in a big and comfortable hotel.

Well said.

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