Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nephew of Dalai Lama tried to seek world’s sympathy of an imposed “gag order” by the Taiwanese authorities

By China Watcher

By allowing the visit of this despise religious figure to Taiwan is already creating a lot of irreparable and untold damage to the cool ties between Taiwan and China. The condition for the visitation permit is that the Dalai Lama should keep his mouth quiet when he tours the island province.

His nephew told the nosy Western media that there was a "gag order" on his uncle out of fears of China's reaction. This is an obvious attempt to seek international sympathy that he should be allowed to speak freely as an individual. Unfortunately the spiritual leader is not any normal person. He is a political dissident seeking full or possibly 90% autonomy from China.

First, his visitation rights are confined to spiritual “comfort” for the victims of the Typhoon Morakot and nothing more. Secondly, this is an island whereby traditional Asian values are still practiced in which the guest will need to respect the wishes of the host. Perhaps a western country may allow you to criticize a “friend” of yours in their house but not in an Asian country.

The host “nation” has every right to set conditions for its visitors in its territory. If the Dalai Lama and his entourage do not like the imposed conditions, they can just hop on the next flight back to India.

As one demonstrator aptly put it, “the Chinese are here to help (economically), the Dalai Lama comes to make trouble.

This is Taiwan and it is not the US or a Western country.

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