Thursday, January 29, 2009

China snubs France

By China Watcher

The Chinese premier’s visit to Europe known as a ‘tour of confidence’ has already taken him to Switzerland and later to Germany, the European Union (EU) headquarters, Spain, United Kingdom but not France.

China is still upset over the French President meeting of the Dalai Lama as the rotating EU president’s in Poland last year.

The French President said that he was holding to his ‘values’ when he decided to meet the Western supported religious leader in a Second World War commemoration ceremony in Eastern Europe. The Chinese authorities had told him countless times to look at the Sino-France relationship from a long term and overall perspective rather than listening to Amnesty International, Free Tibet Campaign or Human Rights Watch. But he stubbornly refused due to his so called principled stance. I have never for a single moment thought he is a highly principled person until he used that reasoning to justify his meeting. What a hypocrite!

It is good that China has taken a tough position on this matter. Though Sarkozy’s has stated that the relationship between China and France is important and has become one of interdependence in which both sides needed each other, I would beg to differ. I believe when China told the media that it is up to France to restore the Sino-France relationship to the previous level (since the offence was created by the French side), the genuine solution is there and it pointedly implied that the Chinese could not care much whether the relationship remain cold in the backroom or one that will be term a ‘strategic partnership’ in the future.

I applauded the calculated diplomatic strategy undertaken by China this time around and it is important to show the world (especially the Western media) that China’s being a growing power cannot be taken for granted.


Ken said...

I applaud you for an excellent and insightful article. China has finally taken a firm stand and plays it some well this time that France looks stupid. I don't have much patience with the arrogant and hypocritical French either. Good job!

China Watcher said...

Thanks for your compliments. It really motivates to write articles from another angle. Please share my website with your friends.