Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What is the real fuss about Obama’s message?

By China Watcher

These western media are quick to comment about the Chinese government so-called censure of the word communism and dissent in the incoming US President speech commemorating his inauguration.

First, I am surprised that there is a live broadcast on CCTV which I personally feel that it is a sheer waste of televised resources. The deputy director of CCTV summed it very appropriately that the US people care a lot of the presidential inauguration but generally, the Chinese people are not interested or could not give a damn about it. Maybe the small minority and dissenters or “traitors” pay more attention to this. Even if they pay me to do so, I would find it more productive to spend my time elsewhere rather than sitting through the ordeal.

Second, I have always said that why should we let the 300 millions US people to dictate our lives and the more we are connected to US broadcast programs, the more we would be influenced by its activities and ideals, regardless of whether it is right or wrong.

Even at this particular sorrowful state of financial situations, the US people continue to spend lavishly on celebrations and parties. The government could have tone down the celebration aka Hollywood style but that is not to be because they are proud to be “the land of the free”. We believe that there is a full cycle of ups and downs and I don’t think the Americans would have it their "up" every way and perhaps, the next 30-40 years we could see a clear trending downward.

It is the right of the Chinese TV stations to censor anything that is critical of the government in power. The Chinese do have access to the Internet and if there want to view the full uncensored text of the US President, it would still be possible even if the firewalls are active. So what is the fuss?

It has been a known fact that the main US guiding principle is to oppose communism and fascism and to promote western democracy so highlighting it in every US officials messages are not unusual. When the Chinese authorities cut out the “sensitive parts’ of the translated message, it is no big deal to the Chinese but it was a big thing to the US media by making it into headline news especially if there are associated with CHINA.

I am more keen to know how Obama’s team is going to implement its announced stimulus programs and to reform or revitalize the US’s economy and probably, to resuscitate the world’s economy. On that point, it is disappointing to note there were no new concrete economic measures but more of the rhetoric against communism of which the US people comfortably console themselves that they are well protected. Maybe by gazing at the crystal ball we will be able to foretell the US near terms fortunes more vividly than from the highly charged political speech at the inauguration.

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