Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shoe throwing incident at Premier Wen’s visit to Cambridge reflects the low point in Western behavior and manners

By China Watcher

There were more pro-Chinese supporters (there are not protestors) than pro-Tibet (western instigated) protestors on the streets but the Western media choose to provide wide coverage of the protests from these anti-groups with pro-tibet comments that were clearly one sided. The report mentioned that 5 violent Tibetans were arrested but there were rarely charged.

On the shoe throwing incident. the Cambridge’s Vice-Chancellor summed it appropriately by stating that the university is a place for considered argument and debate and not for shoe throwing. The shouting and the cursing by the Caucasian man reflects a low point in western so called civilized behavior and should be condemned to the fullest. This is not a human right. This is a disturbance of peace in a progressive society and it is only slightly better than during Europe’s medieval times when the diners shouted at each other across the table.

Mr.Wen biggest problem is to ensure that the unemployment situation in China is stabilized and that there would not result in a chaotic situation, which would not be good for the 1.3 billion residents. The financial crisis has affected every nation in the world, regardless of its size and the degree of openness in the economy.

Sino-Britain discussion in London focused more on implementing coordinated efforts and actions which might help to avert a global economic disaster and also, to weather the fallout of the crisis from each other country. This is more important than the Tibet or human right issue in China.

In Baghdad, the person throwing the shoe is an Iraqi (a resident) who has undoubtedly possesses an interest in the running of the country but. in Cambridge the trouble maker is a white Caucasian who does not even has a stake in the country. He is merely a Western human right proponent who narrowly looks at the issue and is out to create trouble or to garner fame for notoriety. What a shame!


Anonymous said...

A bit quick to jump to conclusions? The protester never mentioned the word 'Tibet' - what's to say he wasn't protesting at any other form of human rights abuses in China (e.g. Falun Gong).

Anonymous said...

Also, I'd like to point out that many Chinese were amused at the shoes flung at George Bush. I for one would also be amused if it happened to Gordon Brown or any other Western leader.

China Watcher said...

The caucasian man who threw the shoe in the direction of Premier Wen when he gave the speech at Cambridge intended to create a ruckus to embarrass him but unfortunately the strategy backfired. Further he shouted at Mr.Wen's as a dictator, which was not appropriate to treat a visitor. I don't find this amusing. Western promoted human rights, Tibet are intertwined to the intention of branding a person an autocratic administrator. In fact, Mr. Wen is seen by most Chinese as a leader who has the interest of the Han Chinese at heart. Anyway, thanks for your different views.