Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh Sharon, Just Shut Up!

By China Watcher

I was fascinated by a piece of news this morning in which a past and faded Hollywood actress, Sharon Stone, has suggested that the Chinese earthquake could be due to “karma” which resulted in the loss of tens of thousands of lives in China.

She continues to make insinuations in an interview that the disaster may be a “revenge” for the Chinese government policy towards the Tibetans. She expressed that she was unhappy in the way the Chinese had treated the Tibetans and that it could be a way the “unseen forces” work if you do not do good things to each other.

First, in what authority does the faded star has in making such rash comments that the Chinese had ill treated the Tibetans. Her shallow interpretations of the government restoration of order after the riots reflect the many Westerners views that the Chinese government was suppressing the Tibetans since 1959. Was she aware that the Chinese had continuously allowed the Tibetans to practice its cultures and traditions during the few annual Tibetan celebrations in the Tibetan capital since the Dalai Lama was exiled from his homeland? And Tibetans and other minorities do have a much easier passage to seek for government economic assistance and universities entrance compared to the Han Chinese? Where is the ill treatment?

Second, the quake struck in Sichuan province very near to the Tibetan plateau, the homes of the Tibetans. And the victims could be the Tibetans themselves.

Third, this is a natural tragedy of a colossal scale in modern times in which thousands had loss their lives and the Chinese people are still mourning their loved ones. Does she really have a compassion for these sorrowful people? Or only for the Tibetan people.

Many Chinese netizens are upset over the actress opinion on the Chinese people and wanted her to apologize for the unwarranted comment.

As the Chinese saying goes, “If you speak nothing, nobody would know that you are deaf and dumb”.


aventfun said...

Following her miserable marriage, her broken career in the film industry, I suspect whether this is a "karma" for herself when she commented on the quake with "karma". Knowing of strong sentiments about Chinese, I am sure she has already closed her doorway to one of the biggest growing market and economy growth forever. Following the ongoing movement of boycott on French luxury brands in China e.g. Dior etc. I suspect the loss will below million of dollars not only for herself (advertisement), but also the loss along the whole industry supply chain. People who work for Dior may lose their jobs because of her utter stupidity saying the wrong words at the absolutely wrong time, following the credit crunch...

aventfun said...

The Dalai Lama, the supposedly revered spiritual leader, viewed highly by the West is awfully quiet on the issue.