Friday, May 30, 2008

French tours operators in China are concern about a drop in business

By China Watcher

Following the pro-Tibet demonstrations in Paris, there were calls to Chinese citizens to boycott visits to France. And the outcome of the small survey which I conducted from this blog, was also of the consensus view that the people of Chinese origin should boycott Paris, the capital of France.

French tour operators especially those operating to bring tourists from China are worried of an unofficial order that provides advices discouraging visits to France. It has not been officially confirmed but if it is true, then the plunge in business could be real and “catastrophic”. Since the protest in Paris, many potential tourists have cancelled their trips and travel agents in Beijing are being silently advised to remove France from their destinations from this week onwards

France is the most popular European holiday destination for Chinese tourists and some 700,000 flocked to the country last year, with Paris, the Cote d'Azur and the Loire chateau region the most popular destinations.

A tour operator warned of serious economic consequences for the sector if the order is seriously carried out.

Among those who cancelled were a group of 35 Chinese couples which have intentions to celebrate their matrimonies in a French chateau.

AFP new sources revealed that the French authorities are trying to confirm that "the Beijing tourism administration apparently issued a recommendation" to travel agents to stop selling trips to France.

Paul Roll, the director of the Paris Tourism Office, added that the flows of tourist from China will most likely drop in the months to come if such an order is confirmed given by the Beijing Tourism Office.

Maybe the Paris Mayor can get the Dalai Lama, his honorary citizen, to encourage his Tibetan exiles and the many followers to sell tour packages to sympathizers to replace those visitations that would be lost as a result of his fervor support of the Tibetan spiritual leader.

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