Friday, May 2, 2008

Nosy US needs to be told to mind own business

By China Watcher

I just could not understand how those thick-skin US Congressmen, about 54 of them, have the heart to write to the Chinese President to urge Beijing to end its policy of repatriating North Korean refugees, of which they claimed, was leading to execution and torture of those refugees on their return home.

Just two weeks ago, these same group of Congressmen together with its other lawmakers, were up in “arms” to condemn China treatment of its own people – the Tibetan rebels. On one hand, they need Chinese assistance to resolve the North Korea refugee issue and the nuclear disarmament matter but on the other hand they will go all the way by joining with those so-called “adversaries” (human rights and certain Western media) of China to pass resolution condemning China’s human rights record. These US lawmakers also urged the US President to boycott the opening ceremony of the Olympics, in Beijing this summer, which they thought would have an effect on China. Well, they are wrong. I am telling these narrow minded US representatives, once again, the Chinese people throughout the world are supporting it. With Bush or without Bush, the Summer Olympics will be a success.

Bilateral relationship cuts both ways and there must be mutual benefits unless it is lop-sided. A country must at least be on a working and “friendly” manner before you could ask another for a favor. I do not see any of these when you deals with the US. The politicians on Capitol Hill are a butch of ungrateful and insincere people who could not care less about others – but only to preserve its dominant single power status in the world. The US claimed that they speak for the people of the world and they conveniently nominate themselves as the authority of human rights and protection of the “conscience of the world”. Who give them the power to do so? Not the UN. And what moral rights do they have when its human rights practices in Iraq are being questioned?

China by the way is not any small country which can easily be bullied and coerced into accepting their resolution. I do not think China should be swayed by such resolution. After all, it is only a resolution for the ears of the 300 million US residents. Yes, 300 million people against a world population of 6.5 billion. The US is not the only center of influence – it is only propagating Western culture which I think is not all that healthy.

No doubt the US is the only superpower at the present moment which has a strong influence in the political and economic sphere in this world but I believe its power is on the way down.

The majority of the Latin America countries is now presently run by its left-centered elected governments and, had implicitly told the US that they had enough of US intervention through CIA over the past 50 years, which brought them more misery than good. If I am not wrong, only Columbia is deemed an ally of the US in Latin America at present. Iran and Myammar have shown that whatever economic sanctions the US has initiated, it has no impact on the well being of its people. When a particular country is already at a very low standard of living, what difference does it makes? Poor does not makes you much poorer. It is only the people who had enjoyed a standard of living like the US that will be afraid to go poor. Nothing in the world remains the same forever. If you are at the top, there is only one way – DOWN. Let us see how the impending US recession will have its effect on the US living standards and the effects on its people.

In Africa, most of the people in the region are of the opinion that the Chinese have more influence on its governments than the US. In ASEAN and Australia, the current governments had already told the US government to develop good relations with China and they do not want to pick sides in the event of an outbreak of hostilities between the two countries. Maybe only in Europe through NATO that the US really had a hold over the direction of these countries but even then, we do note divergence in direction especially over the Iraq invasion and the expansion of NATO to the former Soviet bloc countries.

In another sign that the Chinese people are supporting the staging of the Olympics free from politics, a Hong Kong resident commented that the protestors who were taken away were “troublemakers” and the torch run in the former British colony held just a few hours ago were a proud moment for the people of Hong Kong and China. The Chinese crowd was seen cheering for the police who loaded the 10 pro-Tibet sympathizers into the van.

If the US truly believed in democracy, they should respect the majority of the Chinese. An Olympic Games must be free from politics.

Personally, I do not have an iota of respect for these US Congressmen and the Chinese government should just tell the nosy US especially their lawmakers to look at its own backyard and clean it up before they go shouting at others. Respect must be earned not force onto others.

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