Saturday, January 14, 2012

Malaysian Sports Media tried to provoke hate against Chinese Badminton Players

By China Watcher

Chinese badminton players have been dominating the international badminton circuit in almost all major badminton tournament leaving the rest of the countries behind. Malaysia, an avid badminton nation with lots of fans, has yet to uncover any world unbeatable player. The only bright spark is that it has a gem in the name of Lee Chong Wei. The rest of the players just make up the numbers.

What the Malaysian media failed to realize is that although the number of people playing badminton is probably a sizeable million but when compared to China it is as high as the population of Malaysia, that is, around 28 million. So the vast talents can be uncovered from the big base.

But Malaysian media always write to think very highly of its only "GEM' and sometimes it has become more like a self pleasing exercise.

And these media always tried to stir up rivalry between its no 1 men single player and the rest of the Chinese badminton players. Even the crowd at the current Malaysian Open is not there to support the better player but to create an anti-Chinese environment.

I do understand Chong Wei is a good player but then the media is singing so loud as though he is the best player (men single) in the world. Though the world's fan voted him as the most popular player, I sense that the poll did not take into consideration the Chinese voting public since the world badminton site does not have a mirror in mandarin. So we can actually discount the popularity poll which is taken only from the english speaking crowd.

To me, as a badminton fan myself, Lin Dan is still the best player in the world.

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